October 24, 2020

Saturday Ramblings 1.15.11

Welcome to the new and improved Internet Monk! Like it? Take some time and explore the site. You’ll find the same writers, the same desire to picnic in the post-evangelical wilderness. The new site is available in a variety of languages, including Irish just for Martha. We have more elements to add to the new site, […]

Saturday Ramblings 1.8.11

Well, the longest “season” of the year is just about to come to a close. Am I talking about the “holiday season” that seems to stretch from Halloween until Boxing Day? Nope. I’m referring to the college football bowl season. I think there are kids playing in Monday night’s ESPN Invitational Championship Game who weren’t […]

Saturday Ramblings 1.1.11

Look at all of those ones. It must be the start of a new year. For those of you who liked 2010, just wait until you see what 2011 has in store for you. I have no idea what it is, and neither, truth be told, do you, which is why you’ll just have to […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.25.10

Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Day everywhere that Internet Monk is read. Even in Ireland, where every day is Christmas for Martha. Even in Maine, where Joanie D and Ted keep Moxie in business by drinking it by the case. And even in Nebraska, where Santa has agreed to put Laree Lindburg back on the […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.18.10

One more week until Christmas! Did I scare you? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you started? Oh my. Looks like someone is going to need an extra helping of Saturday Ramblings to make it through the week. (Mr. Bones requested the week off, but I think we found a suitable replacement. Not […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.11.10

It’s countdown Saturday. Countdown to Christmas? Well, no—but if you haven’t addressed your Christmas cards yet, I suggest you get started. College football countdown? C’mon. Other than the Army-Navy game, this is a bye week for college football. No. “Countdown Saturday.” Look at the date. December 11, 2010. 12-11-10. Well, at least it’s a Saturday. […]

Saturday Ramblings 12.3.10

December? December already? Why didn’t someone warn me? I need to get started on my Christmas shopping. Chaplain Mike wants an Ernie Banks bobblehead. Adam Palmer wants a Tom Brady bobblehead. Mike Bell wants a Gordie Howe bobblehead. Joe Spann wants a good night’s sleep. Damaris and Lisa want someone else to do the dishes […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.27.10

What a feast we had here at the iMonastery. Thanksgiving is a time when we get together for food, food and more food. Mike Bell joined us, even though 1) Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving last month, and 2) it’s hockey season. Lisa and Damaris both brought great looking pies. We didn’t get to eat them, […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.20.10

It’s leaf-raking time here at the iMonastery. We are very organized as monks. Chaplain Mike is in charge of gathering all of the orange leaves, Damaris gets the yellows, Lisa the reds, and Adam the browns. Joe and Mike are supposed to pick up all of the twigs, but spend most of their time throwing […]

Saturday Ramblings 11.13.10

Jingle, jangle—hear that ramble? It’s time for Saturday Ramblings. Tales from the crypt? At Rome’s Catholic Church, the youth pastor has turned a crypt into a night club, complete with a live music stage and a bar. Gee, Martha—we might all become Catholics yet. Or maybe we’ll just become Irish, like Bono. Just in case […]