June 6, 2020

Jason Stellman: I Fought the Church and the Church Won

Note from CM: This week we are featuring stories of friends who found their way into the Roman Catholic church. The post-evangelical journey takes many different forms, and this is one of them. Michael Spencer himself experienced this in his family when his wife Denise converted to Catholicism, and you will find many articles in […]

iMonk Classic: Thoughts At 8 a.m. Mass

Note from CM: Michael wrote this post in September, 2009. Let me ask our evangelical friends — have things changed in evangelical churches since he wrote these words? • • • The wedge contemporary evangelicals are driving between young and old is incredibly short sighted and deadly. Doesn’t the Bible itself say that the older […]

Memo to Tim Challies: The War Is Over

Tim Challies represents the mindset of far too many Protestant Christians who have little understanding of the Roman Catholic church and who continue to recycle old, tired, and often incorrect ideas about the church’s teachings and practices. Without any authority but his own opinion, Challies has decided to issue a public statement calling Pope Francis […]

Is the Pope a Catholic? (part 2)

Read part one of Is the Pope a Catholic? * * * So who is this liberal, progressive, modernising pope with no hang-ups about sex and contraception and divorce and abortion, who constantly preaches on the value and necessity of the Sacrament of Confession and the reality of the Devil, who came back from studying […]

Is the Pope a Catholic? (part 1)

This March is the first anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, the former Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.  Reactions have, in the main, been of two kinds: He’s the greatest thing that ever happened to the Catholic Church! He’s the worst thing that ever happened to the Catholic Church! We’ve heard very few […]

Pope Francis: Living “From the Heart of the Gospel”

I have downloaded and am reading through Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), the Apostolic Exhortation by Pope Francis on the proclamation of the Gospel in today’s world. The document reflects the emphasis in the Church regarding “The New Evangelization.” As the Pope states, Attentive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit who helps […]

Some Thoughts on Our “Reformation” Conversation

Monday, we considered the June 17, 2013 document, jointly published by the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation, called “From Conflict to Communion.”  I have decided to make this last post in the series, and in it I want to make some comments about how we discuss matters like this. An Admission of […]

Commemorating the Reformation Together (2)

This week (today and Thursday) we are considering the June 17, 2013 document, jointly published by the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation, called “From Conflict to Communion.” The paper’s introduction states: In 2017, Lutheran and Catholic Christians will commemorate together the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation. Lutherans and Catholics […]

Commemorating the Reformation Together (1)

This morning I introduce my particular topic for the week that we will look at today and Thursday. You may have read the blurb on the Internet Monk Bulletin Board (right side of the page) and noticed that Roman Catholics and Lutherans have come together and produced a document that expresses their commitment to commemorate […]

So, How’s the Catholic Church Really Doing?

The Vatican released information Monday from the 2013 Statistical Yearbook of the Church that challenges the perception many have (particularly in Europe and the U.S.) that the Roman Catholic Church is in a period of decline. In March, Catholic Voices Comment proclaimed: “Viewed globally the Church experienced  a spectacular growth over the twentieth century which shows […]