June 3, 2020

Riffs: 04:26:09: Is My Evangelicalism Collapsing?

Several of you sent me links to a quote from National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson saying that yours truly was 1) somehow like Hugo Chavez (??) and 2) was in the midst of my own personal evangelical collapse. (“Autobiographical.” Unfortunate word choice.) I decided not to respond, mostly because I know that keeping […]

Riffs: 04:06:09: Nica Lalli: “No Religion? No Problem”

UPDATE: All Comments are in moderation. UPDATE II: Readers might also enjoy “A God Shaped Void? Maybe Not.” From May ’06. Nica Lalli is an unbeliever, and she’s feeling good about it. It seems that her team is growing. In fact, it’s the fastest growing “religion in town:” no religion. (Lalli recently wrote on the […]

Riffs: 04:02:09: The Episcopal Church Persecutes The Oppressed Muslim-Christian Minority

UPDATE II: Creech has sold over $220 of beads, string and trinkets since I lost my salvation. You people are awesome. His kids may be able to have shoes for Easter. UPDATE: Humor on board. Beware if not using proper gear. In a shocking demonstration of intolerance toward those whom God has just made differently, […]

Riffs/CEC: The Antidote to the Coming Evangelical Collapse- Church Planting

UPDATE: What matters more? Being recognized by the ECUSA or the Anglican Church in Africa? The Falls Church has a new daughter congregation and is starting more: A story of church planting in the new Anglican communion in Virginia. This story of a commitment to church planting among the newly freed Anglicans in Virginia makes […]

Riffs: 03:07:09: David Head (and Paul) on the Gospel

It seems to me that evangelicals need to say one thing, do one thing and be one thing. But what? In lieu of an answer like, “the Gospel,” another option is to try to say many things, do many things and be many things, all from a standard that varies from group to group, even […]

Riffs:03:05:09: Baptists- The New Methodists? (According to Dr. Chuck Kelley)

Dr. Chuck Kelley at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary spoke this week on the problems with Southern Baptist Evangelism and our churches in general. It’s a heartfelt, quite moving and well-thought out talk; a mixture of our revivalistic side and the scholarly, historical side. You can and should listen here. The message starts after the […]

John Dagg: On Love For and Appreciation of Other Christians

I’m stealing this from Tim Brister, but it’s such a great quote for this web site, that I had to have it in the archive. John L. Dagg was one of the first systematic theologians that Baptists produced. His Manual of Theology is a pastoral work that all Baptists should own. At the end, in […]

Riffs: 02:18:09: Scot Mcknight on the “Neo-Reformed”

UPDATE II: Trevin Wax agrees and disagrees with Scot. UPDATE: Now tell me again, where are they keeping that secret book? Justin Taylor finds the characterization of the neo-reformed as fundamentalist inaccurate, to say the least. ‘Twas not so long ago, on a Calvinistic web site you’ve all visited, that one could hear a serious […]

Riffs: 02:09:09: Cormac Murphy-O’Connor on Darwin and Faith

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor has an opinion piece in the Times that affirms the Roman Catholic position: faith and science have no problems, and evolution and Christianity are compatible. This week we will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, one of Britain’s most extraordinary scientists. His theory of evolution, one […]

David Sessions Riffs on “The Coming Evangelical Collapse”

I appreciate the good work of David Sessions at Patrol Magazine. He’s breaking new ground everyday. If you want the same beat as Relevant, but with more intelligence, wit and edge, hit Patrol and make it a regular feed. Patrol editor David Sessions takes on my “Coming Evangelical Collapse” in a sizable column. You’ll find […]