June 3, 2020

Riffs: Karen Armstrong on the Science/Religion Cul De Sac and N.T. Wright on his Differences with Piper

Karen Armstrong (pronounced Car-en, if you care) isn’t a religion scholar I’d normally recommend, but I think she makes a fairly good description of what appears to be a good bit of the situation we find ourselves in as regards the relationship of religion and science. In short, religion hasn’t always carried around the obligation […]

Riffs: Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Jefferts-Schori Stirs The Pot

We should always be ears up when The Episcopal Church speaks of heresy. Here’s the presiding bishop of the TEC coming out swinging at the recent general convention. The crisis of this moment has several parts, and like Episcopalians, particularly ones in Mississippi, they’re all related. The overarching connection in all of these crises has […]

Riffs: 06:29:09: Timmy Brister on the Beauty of Church Discipline and the Pastoral Faithfulness of Tom Ascol.

Riffs are commentary on other blog posts that Michael feels are particularly significant. Read Tim Brister’s post, Where Extraordinary Grace and Celestial Joy Meet. I’ve been around Tom Ascol on occasion for more than 20 years. If you know much about the (dreaded) Founder’s movement, then you know everything I am about to say here, […]

Riffs: 06:18:09 Bill Kinnon’s Worship Lament/My Essay “Looney Tunes”

Bill Kinnon looks back on his contribution to being a worship leader and has a bit of lament. He notes what we’re now hearing and not hearing. A post well-worth reading. Several years ago, I wrote a critique of some of the most often heard theology of contemporary praise and worship music. I love good […]

Riffs: 06:15:09: Dr. Peter Masters Rips The New Calvinism

Read: The Merger of Calvinism With Worldliness by Peter Masters. The current reformed and Calvinist revival loves Spurgeon, as well they should. It’s a regular feature of the most influential new-Calvinism web sites and ministries to quote Spurgeon for and against whatever the issue of the week happens to be. Spurgeon’s face is as much […]

Another One Gets Off the Evangelical Bus: Thoughts on A De-Conversion

BeAttitude gives his reasons for Why He Walked Away From Christianity. Don’t skip this. Read it carefully and don’t start talking. Just listen. 1. I always want to commend anyone who moves to a position of authenticity for themselves. If you don’t believe the claims of your own Christian community, then by all means please […]

Recommendations and Review: The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah

The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah Soong-Chan Rah is assistant professor of Church Growth and Evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago. He has been a church planter and a consistent voice for recognizing the cultural captivity of the evangelical movement and recognizing the contributions of an ethnically and culturally diverse present-future evangelicalism. I […]

Riffs: 05:13:09: Scot Mcknight on the Individualized “gospel”

From Scot Mcknight’s Kingdom Gospel series at Jesus Creed. I did a bit of creative editing. I wonder what John would think of the gospel I sketched at the beginning of this chapter: God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. But you have a sin problem that separates you from God. […]

Riffs: 05:11:09: Comrade on Cross, McKnight on the Kingdom Gospel, 9Marks on Rebaptisms in the SBC

UPDATE: Bryan Cross responds to Comrade here. Thanks Bryan. Three great posts today. I’m too drained to riff much on either one, but both are very much worth your time and discussion. First, Fearsome Comrade at The Boar’s Head Tavern, a Lutheran blogger of some note who has written for this site in the past, […]

Riffs x2: 05:06:09 Who Will Dominate the Culture? and What’s The Evangelism Problem?

NOTE: Sorry to have to turn moderation on folks, but this thread is too risky. UPDATE: Ed Stetzer sends this along: Todd Johnson of the World Christian Database provided the following response: “This video seems to be making its rounds. It is full of misinformation and misinterpretation of data. We provide more reasonable current figures […]