May 29, 2020

Riffs 10:29:06: Unfortunately, this needs to be said…

Who cares where I found it, it’s sad to realize this needs to be said….several times. Spurgeon is not, however, the final arbiter between orthodoxy and what some imagine to be “heresy.” Neither he, nor his preaching, is infallible. Preachers are the servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God – not the […]

Riffs: Driscoll on the Incarnation; Slice’s Perfect Pharisaism

FURTHER UPDATE: Piper and Driscoll exchange emails and affirmations. Next Week, Van Till will ask, “Was it a roaring debate, or a barking debate?” and I’ll consider finding something else to do with all my free time. Challies liveblogs/summarizes Mark Driscoll from the DG National Conference. His comments on the incarnation are unfortunate, to say […]

Riffs: James Allison on “The Last Scapegoat”

UPDATE: Apparently I was supposed to know that James Allison was gay when I wrote this post. I didn’t. Sorry. If that has anything to do with the truth and perspective of this piece, then disregard it. Homosexual sin is just as offensive to God as heterosexual sin, and I don’t approve or endorse either. […]

Riffs: Remember the Faithful Remnant, Mr. Driscoll

Further UPDATE: Somehow, as usual, Phil Johnson feels the need to have some kind of last word about this post. So if you’ve been unduly influenced by my liberal rantings to love, pray for and appreciate your brothers and sisters still holding out in the mainlines, go get yourself vacuumed out real good at Phil’s […]

Riffs: JMarkBertrand: Diss Isn’t Discernment

Mark Bertrand on watchblogging and the “either/or” assumptions of its practitioners. This post deserves wide circulation among all bloggers. I’ve told this story before, but it bears retelling. I once had a young reformed Baptist pastor and his wife over to our home for dinner. We had mutual friends and I wanted to be able […]

Riffs: 7:21:06

Without a doubt, there are no words to describe the working over Tom Merton is getting at the hands of the TR watchbloggers. Apparently, Merton is a candidate for the antiChrist and the source of all that’s wrong in evangelicalism. Pretty good for a guy who died by getting tangled up with a fan in […]

Riffs: 7:17:06