December 5, 2020

Gospelish – By C J Fitz – An Internet Monk Review

The past couple of weeks I have been hanging out musically at the intersection of country and folk. It is not a place I have been known to frequent, but the artistry of C J Fritz is persuading me that this might be a part of town that I want to visit more often. So […]

Musick for the King – An Internet Monk Review

Few pieces of music can touch the soul like Handel’s Messiah. Making this composition into the centerpiece of a historical of historical novel is a task that only a masterful hand dare try. Barrie Doyle delivers a masterpiece of his own in “Musick for the King – A Historical Novel“. In it, we are transported […]

The 42 Books Beside My Bed

I have a bookcase in my bedroom.  Unfortunately it is full.  So books that I am reading, have recently read, or hope to read, tend to get piled up next to my bed.  I did a bit of a tidy up recently and discovered much to my surprise that I had 42 books in, around, […]

Reflections on Pastorum

I arrived home about 11:15pm after two full days of lectures on Biblical studies at the Pastorum Live Conference, sponsored by Logos Bible Software. Let me share a few reflections on this event. This was a return to seminary culture for me. The presenters were academics who mostly emphasized academic principles of properly handling the […]

Church as “Strong Family”?

By Chaplain Mike May’s Christianity Today includes a thought-provoking article by Joseph H. Hellerman, entitled, “A Family Affair: What would happen if we put we before me?” Hellerman is professor of NT at Talbot School of Theology. He is the author of When the Church Was a Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community. […]

Review: NLT Mosaic Bible

Tyndale’s NLT Mosaic Bible is off to a fast-start today. Those of us who like the NLT second edition should be happy for any opportunity to recommend this readable and helpful translation. An 80+ page sample of the Mosaic is available from Tyndale. I received my copy earlier this week. I’ll share a variety of […]

Reader Reviews: Andrew Marin’s Love Is An Orientation

A few weeks ago, IM reader Chris Giammona made it possible for 20 IM readers to receive a free copy of Andrew Marin’s significant and helpful book, Love Is An Orientation. As a condition for receiving the book, each reader agreed to write a brief response. Here are the first five of those responses. The […]

Thoughts On Jesus Camp

I have purposely avoided watching Jesus Camp until this week. One of my Advanced classes is using it to write a response paper to The Screwtape Letters, so over three days we watched it, with some debriefing every day. In this class of ten, several students could relate to various aspects of the film. One […]

Review: Economic Parables by David Cowan

David Cowan is a Lutheran pastor with a background in journalism and the world of banking and finance. In Economic Parables he brings these life experiences together to write a series of Bible studies built off of the monetary teachings of Jesus found in his parables. Each chapter contains the parable and an extended reflection, […]

Review: The Lord’s Supper: Five Views edited by Gordon Smith

I’ve never been particularly interested in those books that line up the advocates of different views on a selected subject, give one each an essay and everyone a response. It sounds like a very good idea, but I’m the kind of person who thinks through an issue more clearly with an all out advocate or […]