June 5, 2020

Book Review: Welcoming Justice

Today’s review is by Ryan Cordle, Michael Spencer’s son-in-law. Thanks, Ryan! For two years I have worked at a ministry as a high school teacher. In these couple of years I have seen how God’s movement for reconciling people is real. At our school, we have students from everywhere, quite literally. Our kids come from […]

Eugene Peterson, Working the Angles and the Matt Chandler Bobblehead

Matt Chandler spoke at my alma mater this week (yes SBTS alumni, class of ’84 and more). You can watch the message here, but one of the Thinklings excerpted part of Chandler’s message and the words were very familiar. Chandler’s quoting Eugene Peterson, he who created the much vilified paraphrase “The Message” and who most […]

Recommendation and Review: Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship by Brett Scott Provance

I used to look at the big Dictionaries of Liturgy and wonder if they were worth all that money. I held onto my dollars and spent years not knowing what a collect was. You don’t have to live in this kind of humiliation. IVP has published the Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship by Brett […]

Some Thoughts on Lutheranism and Evangelicalism + A Brief Review of the Lutheran Study Bible

Let me begin by saying that I did not receive a review copy of The Lutheran Study Bible, though I probably could have. Like the ESV Study Bible, I bought my own copy from the publisher. I’m open to bribes, kickbacks and rental, but in this instance, it didn’t happen. Concordia Publishing has now completed […]

Recommendation and Review: Deep Church by Jim Belcher

Jim Belcher’s Deep Church has been at the top of my book review stack for over a month. After living with my nose in my own book- a book stuffed with criticism of the current evangelical scene- it was a refreshing experience to read Belcher’s good work. Deep Church seeks to examine a third way […]

Recommendation and Review: Jesus Girls edited by Hannah Faith Notess

OK. Lots of book reviews and book plugs coming. I’ve got a bit of a window here in the final stages of my book and I am woefully behind on some of these reviews. (**He bows to those he has offended, begging mercy.**) So stand by. One note: If you are an RSS reader of […]

The IM Weekend File: 09:12:09

Went to the post office this morning (I love Saturday mail. Please don’t cancel it) and there was an old friend sitting in his car. His wife was in the PO. Big, strong strapping man. Incredible physical shape for a man in his late 70’s. Two years ago he was sharp as a tack. Used […]

Love Is An Orientation: Reader Reviews Part 2

Here are five more reader reviews of the IVP book Love Is An Orientation by Andrew Marin. Thanks to Chris Giammona for the book donation and to these readers for their good responses. Visit Andrew at LoveisAnOrientation.com. _____ Andrew Marin left me with several take-aways through his book, Love is an Orientation. The most important […]

NOW Is The Time To Enroll In The Theology Program

From Michael Patton at Reclaiming the Mind: Reasons to start The Theology Program: Inexpensive: You can’t beat $100 per course! If you need a scholarship, our generous donors have provided some. Contact carrie@reclaimingthemind.org for more information. Serious: We take theological education serious enough to say that you are joining a program that is not simply […]

Guest Review: Denise Spencer on Living the Lord’s Prayer by Albert Hasse, O.F.M.

Visit Denise’s blog where this review first appeared. When I first began this book I was rather dubious. What did this author have to say about such a tried-and-true topic that hadn’t already been said a hundred times? My reluctance was unfounded, however, and I’m happy to report that I enjoyed the book immensely. Father […]