September 20, 2020

Dear Ed Young,

Blame Bill Kinnon. And if talk about sex bothers you, then you probably need another religion. You’re out of luck in this one. Dear Ed Young, It was the grin that really got to me. The arrogant, know-it-all, self-confident, re-inventing the wheel, just got me some grin. The “I am a young pastor and I […]

Do You Trust The Abbreviated Jesus?

The other day a strange feeling came over me. Don’t get me wrong about what I’m about to say here. It was just a feeling. I’m not claiming any powers of discernment or certainty. I got the distinct feeling there’s something wrong with a lot of people who say they are Jesus-followers/believers. If you want […]

Evangelism Won’t Cure It

It’s a rant. Adjust your volume and thinking accordingly. My denomination is about to have a ten year emphasis on evangelism. I’ve been a Southern Baptist since birth. As far as I know, my denomination has never had any other emphasis than evangelism. My denomination is more interested in evangelism than any other denomination in […]

Why Evangelicalism Drives Us Crazy, and Why We Need Each Other

In eight years, I’ve seldom launched a post off of a comment. No disrespect to commenters. They are fine folk, for the most part. But I almost never comment on another blog myself. The sort of person who chases down some phrase like “contemplative prayer” and then goes to battle in the comment threads of […]

“It Seems the Joy of the Lord Isn’t Your Strength” (An iMonk 101 Post)

Yes, that’s one of the comments I’ve received via e-mail regarding the official iMonk photograph. (And- at least in my experience- it’s always a woman. Why is that? Does maternal instinct want to see baby smile?) I’ve been fighting this battle for quite some time, and I don’t plan to give up. It’s a small […]

The Suburban Jesus Hates Me

I’ve got a descrition of the Jesus Shaped Church over at Jesus Shaped Spirituality. UPDATE: This post is starting to upset people, which is predictable. Add comments at your own risk because I’m surly. I’m trying to not write when I am mad, because I always wind up getting in trouble with somebody, deleting the […]

New JSS Post + Podcasts + Notes on Carlin + Cornerstone

I have a new post at Jesus Shaped Spirituality called “Jesus Says Cross the Line.” I have all the stuff with me for a podcast, but it’s hard to do podcast production when you are on the road. I’m sorry to not get something out this week, and I’ll do my best, but this is […]

No Jesus Needed

Read the original (written back when I was a Calvinist): On Christless Preaching. Recently I was traveling to a conference with a friend, and I listened to a sermon. Preached by a Christian, a Baptist, a minister at a church, a graduate of a Christian school training ministers to serve and communicate Jesus. This preacher […]

Ten Reasons I Don’t Read Your Blog

I will be suing Jared Wilson. Get lawyered up. All resemblance to any actual, existing blogs is purely coincidental. I couldn’t possibly be referring to you. Seriously though, I do want to be helpful. I can work on many of these things myself, otherwise they wouldn’t be in my head to tell you. 1. It’s […]

Today’s Special: Words For The “I’m Praying for Spencer” Guy

Several years ago, when a major reformed blog decided to make me their feature attraction, I first heard “I’m praying for Michael Spencer” from somebody who 1) didn’t know me at all and 2) didn’t like me based on what they did know. (See first comment.) Since that time, not a month goes by without […]