August 4, 2020

iMonk 101: The Christian and Mental Illness II: Is There Such A Thing As Mental Illness?

This is the second in a series I did in November of 2005 on Christians and Mental Illness. Looking back at the comments that this post prompted, it’s apparent that many Christians are deeply suspicious of any model of dealing with problems of mental and emotional health other than using the Bible. This is a […]

What Did Jesus Know? (And How Does It Matter?)

Once again, Jesus is getting me in trouble. This time it’s over at the Boar’s Head, where a “discussion” on Jesus’ knowledge of medical conditions turned into real concerns that I am promoting a less than orthodox view of Jesus. When I was in my Master’s program at seminary, I remember a full-on debate between […]

Saturday Is For Asking Questions

NOTE: A question appeared this evening about two Ky preachers. I made two factual errors in my answer. I have never met or heard the one I said I’d met and heard- completely thinking of someone else- and I said the other was dead, which was incorrect. Very bad error on my part, and my […]