September 25, 2020

Wednesday with Michael Spencer: On Preaching Principles

Note from CM: Michael cared deeply about worship and preaching. Many of his posts over the years were about how the evangelical world he knew and observed had traded good preaching in for methods that compromised proclaiming the gospel of grace in favor of “relevant” messages about “Christian living” and “sin management.” Today’s post is […]

Preaching For Grown-Ups: Mark 10:46-52

I want to thank everyone for your input. I felt a bit overwhelmed. This text needed a small series. I tried to make some judgments about what my little congregation needed. Visitors today. Very well received. Many of you were my partners in preparation. I enjoy the lectionary’s ability to create a community around a […]

Preaching For Grownups: Mark 10:35-52

Today’s Lectionary passage in the Gospel of Mark was the requests of James and John, Jesus’ response and his teaching on greatness and servanthood. I would have titled this something like “What’s Wrong With Ambition?” These messages won’t be sent to the iTunes feed any more. You’ll have to pick them up here on the […]

Preaching For Grown-Ups: Mark 10:17-22

Today’s Lectionary text actually was longer, but I confined the sermon to understanding the young man’s approach to Jesus in a bit less revivalistic terms and in getting to the central challenge Jesus presented to him. If you don’t know, I am the supply preacher for a small Presbyterian Church in our community. It’s my […]

Preaching For Grownups: Mark 9:14-29

I’m posting this morning’s sermon at Manchester Presbyterian Church where I supply. I strayed just a bit from the actual lectionary reading, back into last week’s text, which I’d replaced with Mark 8….oh, anyway. This is the first sermon where some of the themes of my nameless book are really prominent. Hopefully, I’ll find more […]

Sermon at First Presbyterian Church, London, Ky: “Our Story”

Here’s a sermon I preached today on the message of Genesis 1-3 and the Gospel in Romans 5. I’ve been teaching Genesis 1-11 this week in my Bible classes, so you get to hear a lot of how I handle that. Those of you wanting a creation science approach to Genesis 1-3 will likely be […]

Sermon: “Where is Jesus?” A Baptist Church 8/03/08

Preached this morning at a Baptist Church. During the scripture reading time earlier in the service, I read several sections of Ephesians 1-4, so don’t mark me down too hard for not reading those verses during the sermon. Full house today, maybe 170. Very cool. I was surprised how exhausted I was. I haven’t really […]

Sermon: The Longest Journey is to Samaria

The lectionary text is John 4:5-42. I used the text as a launching place to look closely at Jesus and at the nature of the Good News we have to share. This is probably my last Sunday filling the pulpit at First Presbyterian London, Kentucky. Pastor Ted is ready to come back to ministry and […]

Sermon: Lessons From A Fight

Since it’s Lent, the lectionary text was Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus’ test in the wilderness. I chose a bit of an imaginative beginning, made sure I anchored this story in the Gospel, then used it as a window to talk about the lessons for our own trials and temptations. Pay attention to what kind of community […]

Sermon: You Got Schooled

UPDATE: To those of you writing me wondering about the day, check the Revised Common Lectionary. Today is transfiguration Sunday, and that’s what I preached about. Matthew 17:1-9, but some in Matthew 16, too. I tried to give the event its wider context, and to convey that for his disciples, Jesus may have been the […]