October 24, 2020

Post-Evangelicals and the Path of Catholic Spirituality

In Ian Morgan Cron’s book Chasing Francis, (reviewed below) burned-out pastor Chase Falson calls his Uncle Kenny- A Franciscan priest- to begin his path of rediscovering his faith. His pilgrimage takes him through the world of Saint Francis and into a discovery of the faith-tradition of Catholicism. Falson returns to his evangelicalism with a rich […]

Recommendation and Review: Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron

There’s a place in Ian Morgan Cron’s Chasing Francis where his spiritually-brokedown-now-on-pilgrimage pastor protagonist returns, looks his congregation in the eye and says “When I left here, I wasn’t sure what a Christian looked like anymore. My idea of how to follow Jesus had run out of gas.” The characters may be (barely) fictional, but […]

IMonk 101: A Generous Catholicity

Here’s an essay from the archives that discusses that part of post-evangelicalism some find the most obnoxious: the confession that I believe in the catholic church and a catholic Christianity. It’s called “A Generous Catholicity.” With discussions of ecclesiology beginning to heat up in Southern Baptist life and among the many new church leaders looking […]

Riffs: 08:20:07: The White Horse Inn on Dying With Unconfessed Sin

The August 19th edition of the White Horse Inn contains a large segment of interviews asking people at a Christian conference what happens to a person if they died with unconfessed sin. Whatever you do, get this podcast/mp3, listen to it and keep it around. The answers may or may not shock you, depending on […]

When You’ve Read My 800 Page Theology Book, The Bible’s Simple Meaning Will Be Obvious

Every so often, I entertain the notion that if the theologians would leave us alone, Christians would get along quite differently. I know someone- actually a lot of someones- are going to tell me that Christians will divide over the color of the carpet without the help of any theologians, and that is certainly true. […]

Mainline Churches: We’re Having a Moment Here

In Appreciation for Bishop William Willimon. UPDATE: C’mon people. I am not insulting mainline churches. If I say that, in GENERAL, mainlines are more liberal than many evangelicals are comfortable with, that isn’t discounting all the many, many good things I’ve always praised. If I’m offending you with this proposal, then forget about it and […]

How “Traditional” is the Traditional Service?

Here in Kentucky, where the worship wars/generational church division is everywhere and spreading, many churches are attempting to navigate the rocks of a potential church split by using multiple services. I’ve been associated with multiple services since 1984, when I joined the staff of a large church that had both an 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 […]

Recommendation and Review: Evangelicals and Tradition by D.H. Williams

My list of must-read books for post-evangelicals is short. Newly added at the top of the list: Evangelicals and Tradition: The Formative Influence of the Early Church by Baylor University professor of patristics and Baptist minister D. H. Williams (Ph.d, University of Toronto.). Reviews of D.H. Williams’ work on the need for evangelicals and free […]

The Baptist Way: Confessional Resources for Renewing the Lord’s Supper (2)

My first post on the Baptist View of the Lord’s Supper is here. Last week, I apparently shook up the world of people whose stereotype of me precluded any agreement with my Baptist tradition. In a post surveying some immediate resources for a Baptist view of the Lord’s Supper, I raised the ire of all […]

The Baptist Way: A Hopeful Look Forward to Reformation/Renewal in the Southern Baptist Convention

SBC Outpost has long been the leader of SBC blogs. I read with sadness today that SBC Outpost is leaving the blogosphere. This post is in honor of Marty and what he modeled and accomplished with that blog. God bless him and his family, and God speed a reformation and true renewal in the Southern […]