September 20, 2020

A Lectionary F.A.Q.

UPDATE: Josh S does some “lectionary criticism” at his blog. Just so you know it’s not a flawless medium. Even with the flaws, I recommend using it. I also recommend “filling in the gaps” whenever possible. Sam is a worship leader at a local Southern Baptist church, and he called me tonight to talk about […]

Recommendation and Review: Consuming Jesus by Paul Metzger

There’s been a bunch of detailed reviews of Multnomah Bible professor Paul Metzger’s book Consuming Jesus already out there. (Be sure and check out the Scot McKnight–Darryl Dash debate for one.) I’m not going to try and weigh in on the issues better people are discussing. I may sound a little “Joel Osteen on Larry […]

No Big Thing

I want to start this post with a quote from a typical ambitious evangelical church that wants to grow. Get big. Add lots of people. Become “mega.” Get the crowds and their kids in the doors. But I’ve decided not to insult you. If you don’t know the vast majority of American Christianity is about […]

Observing Advent and Christmas: Thoughts for the Christian Family

Many of you are on the same journey our family has been on in regard to living out the Biblical story through the Christian year. It can be a challenge, to say the least. Denise and I did a mini-seminar today on Celebrating Advent and Christmas. It was aimed at younger couples with children who […]

Standing on My Own Trap Door? or “I’ll Take My Christocentric Theology To Go, Thank You.”

Let it be presupposed that every good Christian is to be more ready to save his neighbor’s proposition than to condemn it. If he cannot save it, let him inquire how he means it; and if he means it badly, let him correct him with charity. If that is not enough, let him seek all […]

Who’s On “The Next Billy Graham” This Season?

NOTE: I will not publish hateful, conspiratorial comments. You can critique, but be respectful. “You most faithful readers know that ultimately, I’m a fan of Mark Driscoll. Fan — can’t help it. Somebody has said that there isn’t a “Billy Graham” for 21st century Christianity, and I totally disagree — I think Driscoll is in […]

Evangelical Worship Comes Full Circle (Irony Alert!)

UPDATE II: Some of you probably haven’t read some of my older essays on worship, found in the “Worship” section on the older essays page. UPDATE: After having written many posts on evangelical worship and reading hundreds of other posts and comments, it’s no wonder anyone who attends a liturgical church five times in a […]

Reactions to the “60 Minutes” Joel Osteen Piece

UPDATE: A page of Horton resources related to Osteen. UPDATE II: So many good Osteen pieces on there. Denny Burke zeroes in on Osteen’s glad admission that he does not preach the Bible’s main message. UPDATE III: Slate Magazine on Osteen’s God. The mentality that thinks in terms of marketing Jesus inevitably moves toward progressive […]

No Riff Necessary: Amy Welborn Takes A Roman Catholic View of the Evangelical Circus

When someone else looks at what you spend all your time looking at….and they see the same incredible, unthinkable, unexplainable, bizarre, sad, madhouse of a thing…you feel better. Thanks, Amy. I feel better. No….actually….I think I’m feeling worse. THANKS A LOT. The best writer in the reasonable Roman Catholic blogosphere takes a look at the […]

An Official Apology

UPDATE: Check out the 50 Top Selling Authors in Evangelical Publishing and you’ll see what’s wrong with us. (And sorry Reformed boys, but that is DON, not John.) Time for an official apology. (WARNING: If you are ironically challenged, beware of this post.) Roman Catholic friends, if you’ve ever been confronted by various Protestants over […]