September 20, 2020

The Church: Flawed and Finished (5)

This is the last post on the subject of the Church: Flawed and Finished. The others are directly below. I will be doing an F.A.Q. post on the topic. 1, 2, 3, 4. What is the connection between the flawed church in history and the completed, finished perfect body of Christ? Is it the fact […]

The Church: Flawed and Finished (4)

Before moving on into more posts on the relationship of the historical church and the ideal church, I want to ask and briefly answer some questions. 1. To what extent is the historical church flawed? Like the human beings that make up the church, the historical church is fallen, sinful and affected by sin in […]

The Church: Flawed and Finished (3)

This series looks at how imperfect and flawed congregations can possibly be the church of Jesus. The first two posts in the series are here and here. When scripture speaks of the church in ideal terms, it is always from the viewpoint of God’s finished work of love and new creation that begins and ends […]

The Church: Flawed and Finished (2)

The introduction to this series is here. I was somewhat “motivated” recently when a Protestant convert on EWTN said “Protestants have Christ, but they don’t have his bride.” I found the statement quite…..interesting, especially in view of how I believe the scriptures describe the church in history and in God’s plans. This second post deals […]

The Church: Flawed and Finished (1)

Some recent comments on EWTN drove me back to my Bible and some time thinking through my concept of how the church is both fallible and perfect; flawed and finished; historical and eternal. I’ll share several brief posts walking through the relationship between a very human and flawed historical reality and its relationship with the […]

Lenten Links: Resources for A Post-Evangelical Lent

Ash Wednesday (and the beginning of Lent) is one week from today, so it’s an appropriate time to point you in the direction of some good Lenten Links. If you’ve made the big step into observing Advent, Lent should be next in your appreciation of the Christian year.. Since most of you have already done […]

Riffs: 01:27:08: This is the End……of Evangelicalism, my Friend

***Music by The Doors: “The End.”*** There was an elf that met the children at the door. Also in this room was a store that had Barbies, action figures, Brats Dolls, and all of the most popular items that you would find in a Toy-R-Us catalog the day after Thanksgiving. In order for kids to […]

My Ash Wednesday Dilemma: In Which Your Internet Monk Asks for Help From The Audience

For the past hour, I’ve been trying to find a Protestant church nearby where I can go for Ash Wednesday service on February 6. If you don’t know where I live, let me put it this way: There are probably more churches marking Ash Wednesday in some Muslim countries than there are churches doing so […]

Michael On Today’s “Steve Brown, Etc.” Program

I had the great honor of being the guest on today’s Steve Brown, Etc. Program. Steve is a real hero of mine, and if we ever got together in real life, we’d need lawyers and bail money. Here’s a link to today’s program. Enjoy it and thanks again to Steve and the whole crew.

Thinking About the Canon: A Post-Evangelical’s View

After reading Mark Shea’s By What Authority? and revisiting Craig Allert’s A High View of Scripture? I started making some notes on my own ideas about the question of canonicity. This post will be followed later by popular Internet Monk poster and famous Lutheran blogger Josh Strodtbeck, who will give us the Lutheran view of […]