November 29, 2020

A Beauty Before Death

I walked through a graveyard on an October morn, and worshipped as I wandered. For the slant light illumined the rainbow of trees, each aflame with the beauty of God. I stood speechless before so many burning bushes. But stones also surrounded me, cold in the morning air.   Stones shaped and engraved, each marking and […]

Return from the West

Return from the West It has been a long, gray, gloomy, wet winter/early spring in the Midwest, and we’re still going through its dreariness. In addition, as we’ve shared here, we’ve had a lot of sadness in and around our Internet Monk family. I’ve been ready for a retreat for some time, and this past […]

Snow Day (Picture Gallery)

Snow Day January 2019 This has been a snowy weekend in Indiana, providing a nice pause in the rat race. Church services were cancelled this morning because the county roads are a bit treacherous. I’ve had the chance to get out and take a few pictures and thought I’d put them up for you today, […]

Escaping the Wilderness: Part 1 – The canoe trip

It is good to be back writing an Internet Monk again after a much needed two week writing break. I wrote back in July that I was hoping to do one more canoe trip this year. Well, a few weeks ago I finally got the broken thwarts on my canoe repaired and took to the […]

Mike Bell: Canadian Office reopens with a Waterfall Tour!

Over the years interacting on Internet Monk, Klasie Kraalogies and I have become quite good friends. We both have lived in Southern Africa and Saskatchewan, love rocks, and like to hang out at Internet Monk. Klasie still lives in Southern Saskatchewan. Google “Southern Saskatchewan Waterfall”. Yes, there are no results! When I heard that we […]

Some Favorite Photos from 2017

Some Favorite Photos from 2017 Before I introduce this year’s favorite pictures, let me say that I am looking forward to reading a book I received as a gift for Christmas. It’s called Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice, by Christine Valters Paintner. Perhaps some of our readers who enjoy photography […]

6th Sunday after Trinity: Pic & Cantata of the Week

(Click on picture for larger image) • • • Today we feature Bach’s quintessential “Lutheran” cantata, “Es ist das Heil uns kommen her,” (Salvation has come to us, BWV 9). The gossamer sound of the opening movement disguises the fact that this cantata is the locus classicus of Lutheran fervor in all of Bach’s work, […]

5th Sunday after Trinity: Pic & Cantata of the Week

(Click on picture for larger image) • • • Today, we present an aria from one of Bach’s cantatas for Trinity 5: “Siehe, ich will viel Fischer aussenden” (Behold I will send out many fishers, BWV 88). Schweitzer captures the setting of this aria: “”In the 1st mvt Bach sees before him the Lake of Gennesareth, on […]

2nd Sunday after Trinity: Cantata & Pic of the Week

(Click on picture for larger image) • • • Internet Monk has often noted the absence of lament in much of American church culture. Today, we present an example of a Bach chorus of lament from his cantata “Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein” (O God, Look Down from Heaven). It seems, when lamenting, we humans are wont to […]

1st Sunday after Trinity: Cantata & Pic of the Week

(Click on picture for larger image) About Today’s Picture This statue of an African-American woman and her child, is part of the Black Brigade Monument in Smale Park on the riverfront in Cincinnati. It honors the courageous and city-saving contributions of a group of African-Americans who defended Cincinnati from Confederate forces in 1862. Here is a marvelous […]