November 29, 2020

Paul among the Philosophers

But in essence, Wright’s argument in this part is fairly simple. Paul needs to be understood against all of these backgrounds — Greek, Jewish and Roman, imperial and local, philosophical and cultural — but primarily, he is a second-temple Jew, and a Pharisee at that. • Andrew Wilson A Review of Tom Wright’s Paul and […]

Completing the King’s Afflictions

I am now rejoicing in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am completing what is lacking in Christ’s afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church. • Colossians 1:24, NRSV • • • 1. This week, we are focusing on what I guess might be called, “the quandary […]

What Was a “Pharisee”? (and what might it mean to act like one?)

UPDATE: I edited the post by adding a paragraph near the end of the post. It begins with the words, “That is not to say they all acted with equal zeal…” [11:10 am] * * * N.T. Wright notes that “Paul stands where three great roads converge.” Beginning with chapter two of Paul and the Faithfulness […]

Theology and Life

After discussing Philemon at the outset of Paul and the Faithfulness of God, N.T. Wright takes time to present an overview of the method he is using to understand the apostle, his message, and his ministry. In short, Wright follows what he calls a “worldview-model.” Believing that studies of the Bible and Paul in particular […]

Pliny vs. Paul

N.T. Wright launches Paul and the Faithfulness of God in surprising fashion: by examining the NT story of Philemon in its context. He thinks that Philemon reveals that “something very different, different from the way the rest of the world behaved” was taking place through the early Christians. Wright suggests that this account is not […]

For Me: The Year of Paul

Thanks to a generous gift from a dear friend, I received my study assignment for 2014 the other day when N.T. Wright’s massive, two volume Paul and the Faithfulness of God arrived on my doorstep. Digesting this is going to take some time, and I look forward to working through it slowly and carefully. My […]