September 20, 2020

Randy Thompson: If it seems like your pastor is crazy…

Note from CM: Randy Thompson is one of our faithful readers and commenters. Randy and his wife Jill have served churches in New England for over twenty years and are now running a retreat in New Hampshire called Forest Haven where they minister to other ministers. Today’s post will help you understand why they feel this is […]

One of My Favorite Cases

A few years ago, I was involved in a unique chaplaincy situation with a patient and family that combined two of my greatest loves: pastoral care and Cubs baseball. It illustrates one of the basic principles I try to follow in pastoral ministry — Take interest in the interests of those you are trying to […]

Pastoral Resources for Visiting the Sick and Dying

After this morning’s post, some have asked questions about resources for pastoral care, especially when it comes to visiting and ministering to the sick and dying. Let me give a few suggestions. First, the mainline and historic traditions usually have excellent resources for ministers. The contents of the best of these prayer books and pastor’s […]

A Central Part of the Mission

NOTE FROM CM: It was back in Nov. 2009 when I wrote my first piece for IM, an interview with Michael Spencer about pastoral care for the dying. The timing was ironic, for it took place right before Michael became ill with cancer. You can read the entire interview HERE. Today, in light of several […]

Thoughts on “Ministry”

Monday, Scot McKnight had a post reflecting on Graham Buxton’s book on pastoral theology, Dancing in the Dark: The Privilege of Participating in the Ministry of Christ. I haven’t read the book, but Scot’s post made me want to; and in the meantime, I like Buxton’s definition of “ministry” alot: “Christian ministry is fundamentally about […]

Open Mic: Pastoral Succession

John Piper has announced his intention to step down as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, a position he has filled for 32 years. Piper is not ill, and admits he still has the energy to pastor the church for at least another 10 years. But, he says, he feels his church is ready […]

The Business and the Work

I am employed in the health care field. Working as a chaplain for a corporate entity has taught me a great deal, and has helped me reflect upon the make-up of the “corporate church” in America and the nature of its leadership. If you have read Internet Monk over the past two years, you know […]


His name was Carl. An old New Englander, he was strong and mostly silent. He was always pleasant to me, a young minister who had come to the mountains to take the pulpit in my first church. As with many of the men who lived in those hills, it was his wife who was actively […]

Mark D. Roberts: All Pastoring Is Personal

All Pastoring Is Personal From The Pastor’s Workshop Used with permission of the author Earlier this week, we reviewed Mark Roberts’ book introducing Advent. How happy I was when I went over to his blog and saw that he too has been writing on the subject of pastoral ministry. In fact, he has an excellent […]

We Have All the “Tools” We Need (3)

This is the third and final installment of a little “back to basics” article for Christian ministers. Peter, the one Jesus charged to “feed [his] sheep,” wrote in his second epistle, “So I intend to go on and on reminding you about all this — even though you know it, and have been firmly established […]