January 15, 2021

Good Works Week V: Good Works = Child’s Play

Now it came to pass that it was time to paint the garage. Dad worked all week long on it. Using a ladder, he painted the eaves and trim all the way around. He painted the other high spots and worked his way down, starting in the front and then doing the sides. Eventually, he […]

Good Works Week II: The Work of the People

The Work of the People: A Tale of Two Services And it came to pass that two men died, and their families requested that their funeral services be held in their respective churches. One man was Roman Catholic, the other a member of an evangelical church committed to reformed Protestant doctrine. In the Catholic church, […]

Another Look: Let Them Eat Cake

In conjunction with this morning’s post, we present a rebroadcast of this interview with a renowned business leader. William Sola oversees franchises all across our country and around the world. This interview was first broadcast on June 1, 2010. * * * Reporter: Hello, today I’m with William Sola, great, great, great grandson of Jack […]

For Memorial Day: Another Look — Music of Peace in the Midst of Chaos

With Prayers for Peace on Memorial Day 2013 Back in the early 1990’s a simple counter-intuitive act of heroism caught the imagination of those who learned about it. On May 27, 1992, Vedran Smailovic, principal cellist for the city opera, was practicing his cello in an upstairs apartment in Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia. It […]

The Power of Stories

Stories are better than doctrine, at least in the way we have come to state doctrines. Over the course of my ministry, I have constantly fallen into the trap of thinking that being able to state a doctrine means that one has mastered its meaning. It’s great to be able to rattle off what we […]

iMonk Classic: A Note to Weed-Eaters

Our school has a student work program, and one of the most popular jobs is working on the yard crew. Our boys love to work with the tractors, mowers and weed-eaters. Especially weed-eaters. It’s a certain sign of spring when I hear the yard crew outside the window of my house, and I can hear […]

Joe and Marge

Marge died today. A petite, pretty octogenarian, she had been wandering in the world of Alzheimer dementia for many years. I’ve known her for a few of those years, at least I’ve known the lady who rarely sat still, who moved continually from one place to another, looking out the windows, fluffing and straightening the […]

Another Look: Making Music in the Midst of Chaos

Note from CM: I just realized it has been twenty years since the events in this account took place. To me, what you are about to read is one of the most remarkable stories of my lifetime. As I re-tell this tale of imaginative grace today, may it fill you with wonder as you read […]

Getting the Point

Shaking hands at the door of the sanctuary after the service, the pastor noticed frowns on several of his parishioners’ faces. “I don’t know, pastor,” one man said, pointing an accusing finger at him. “If I were you I’d take a look at Romans 2:1.” When all had gone home for Sunday dinner and he […]

A Lost Parable: The Sugar of the Earth

And Jesus spoke to them and said, “You are the powdered sugar of the earth. As sugar is sprinkled on cakes and cookies to make them attractive and exceedingly sweet, so you shall make my church the most delightful confection the world has known. For the children of this world have an insatiable sweet tooth, […]