January 22, 2021

Open Mic

Saturday the Last — Open Mic This is our final Saturday post on Internet Monk, and I thought we should give this one to the community of commenters that has made IM so rich over the years. So, the mic is open. Let us hear what Internet Monk has meant to you over the years. […]

Tuesday Open Forum — Plus…

Tuesday Open Forum We were having some site problems last night and I was on the phone with tech support until long after midnight, so today’s post ain’t gonna happen as planned, folks. Many apologies. On the other hand, this will give you a chance to have an open conversation today. Make good, healthy, and […]

An open invitation to evangelical supporters of President Trump…

Today, I extend an open invitation to all conservative evangelical Christians out there who support our current president. From your perspective as an evangelical, talk to us about President Trump’s behavior and words at the National Prayer Breakfast last week. In order to help you feel like this is a safe and open place for […]

Open Forum: July 2019

Open Forum: July 2019 I have had a busy week as our hospice organization is going through some changes, which involve extra training and transitions, so I haven’t had time to put together my Friday post on Romans. We’ll catch up next week. Today, we’ll let you choose what you want to discuss. As with […]

Some questions that came up this week…

Some questions that came up this week… Is it really “the mother of all rebellions” for a woman to preach on Mother’s Day? or Is this sharp objection really all about “protecting systems”? and, while we’re on the subject, Is there really some silly pietist saying that a mom who enjoys being the center of […]

What the Bible Actually Teaches (5) — Open Mic Edition

What the Bible Actually Teaches (5) Open Mic Edition Let’s do something a little different today. One of the main points of Pete Enns’s book is about how the Bible depicts God.  in various ways according to the culturally-conditioned understandings of its ancient authors. We will discuss that more next week, with examples from the […]

February 2019 Open Mic

Open Mic February 25, 2019 We haven’t had an Open Mic in awhile, so let’s open the lines today and let you folks choose the topics. I would especially love to hear from those of you who may be new, or who rarely comment. And, of course, I would appreciate if you would follow guidelines […]

October Open Mic

October Open Mic Monday was a long day on the road and at the ballgame for me (and thus apologies for the long delay in approving system-moderated comments). At any rate, getting home late prevented me from putting a full-blown post together, so I’ll turn it over to you folks today. Play nice, and have […]

Open Mic: “The Bible teaches…?”

Open Mic: “The Bible teaches…?” Billy Graham was famous for making his preaching points by introducing them with the phrase, “The Bible says…” Every week, pastors and preachers tell their listeners and congregations, “The Bible teaches…” What do they mean by saying that? I invite you to an open forum discussion today on that question. […]

Your Top Three Hymns?

We’re going to riff off of Jonathan Aigner today. Over the weekend he noted a post by Chuck McKnight over at Hippie Heretic: “Top 25 Hymns of Progressive Christians.” Then, Jonathan asked his readers, from a more diverse theological and ecclesiastical background, to share some of theirs. Here are the top ten hymns that still […]