August 7, 2020

The Insatiable Beast Takes Another Bite

By Chaplain Mike That wonderful old Christian satire magazine The Wittenberg Door used to have a regular feature called, “Truth Is Stranger than Fiction.” That would be an apt way to describe this story I came across today. I couldn’t have made this up in a thousand years. And I don’t know whether to laugh […]

Happy 70th, Bob Dylan

By Chaplain Mike Part way through my morning, I remembered it was Bob Dylan’s seventieth birthday. I scrolled through my iPod playlist and saw that I had a “Dylan Mix” there. So, here are the 25 songs with which I celebrated Dylan today. There could have been a hundred more, but these 25 served just […]

Official Historian of the Culture War (for the Right)

By Chaplain Mike What Ken Ham is to evolutionary biology, David Barton is to American history. Ham is not a scientist, nor is Barton a historian. Yet both claim to know and present THE truth about their respective subjects. And because they are such hard workers and good marketers, they have become the spokesmen of […]

Special Announcement!

A new baby boy was born into the world today at 5:30pm. Join us in welcoming Silas Michael, just over seven pounds, to Noel and Ryan, daughter and son-in-law of Michael and Denise Spencer. All are well, and we thank God for love and new life. I will extol you, my God and King, and […]

150 Years Ago, Today…

By Chaplain Mike Today is the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of what is considered the official beginning of the American Civil War—the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, SC (April 12-13, 1861). Ft. Sumter was one of five Union forts that remained in the newly formed Confederacy. In the months preceding the battle, […]

Statue Update! Big Jesus—Polish-style

By Chaplain Mike “This is the culmination of my life’s work as a priest. I felt inspired to fulfill Jesus’ will, and today I give thanks to him for allowing me to fulfill his will,” said Father Sylvester Zawadzki, known as the “builder priest” by the people of Swiebodzin in western Poland. He was speaking […]

Remembering Explo ’72

By Chaplain Mike MOD Note: I am enjoying the personal stories so much! Please keep them coming! In my Gospel reflections this morning, I mentioned Explo 72, the conference some called the “Christian Woodstock,” held in Dallas, TX at the height of the Jesus Movement. What a blast from the past to think about those […]

An Open Letter to Ken Ham

A Response to Ken Ham: Let’s Make Peace Reproduced by permission from the Evolving in Monkey Town blog by Rachel Held Evans, July 30, 2010 I’ll admit it: I love Rachel Held Evans. Not long ago, we reviewed her funny, winsome, thoughtful memoir called Evolving in Monkey Town, a book that encourages a faith that […]

Jesus Creed Reviews “Mere Churchianity”

By Chaplain Mike There is a fine review of Michael Spencer’s book, Mere Churchianity, over at Jesus Creed today. It is part of the blog’s regular “Saturday Afternoon Book Review” series. This review was written by Matt Edwards, who has contributed to IM as one of the “Evangelical Untouchables”. In his review, Edwards gives a […]

A Ray of Hope in South Florida

By Chaplain Mike No, this isn’t about LeBron James, for heaven’s sake. It’s about a pastor that I admire more every time I read something about him or by him, or hear him speak. You may not be able to pronounce his name, but you will appreciate his message. He is Tullian Tchividijian, and he […]