October 25, 2020

My first thought wouldn’t be, “Let’s have a gathering.”

Francis Chan must be reading a different Bible. The other day I watched a video clip from a message he gave at the 2012 Verve Conference in which he asserted that genuine Christian fellowship is missional fellowship. I think Francis Chan is partly right there, but the way he said it was striking and revelatory […]

iMonk Classic: A God-Shaped Void? Maybe Not.

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from May 2006 Nevertheless, young people do not feel disenchanted, lost or alienated in a meaningless world. “Instead, the data indicated that they found meaning and significance in the reality of everyday life, which the popular arts helped them to understand and imbibe.” Their creed could be defined as: […]

Reaching the Rough and Tumble of Society: An Historical Example

By Chaplain Mike OK, so you have a heart to reach men for Christ—working class men, work with your hands and bring home the bacon kind of men, hard working and sometimes hard living “men’s” men, men who are not afraid to break a sweat and get dirty. These are not the kind of men […]

Driscoll, Masculinity, and the Missional Church

By Chaplain Mike Mark Driscoll. It would be easy to pile on right now. You know… The guy is full of himself. The guy’s language is crude and offensive. The guy can’t control his tongue. The guy is a bully. The guy is a misogynist. The guy is a homophobe. The guy is a loose […]

A New Missions Field

Have you ever thought you might have a calling to missions?  I have a suggestion for you. I won’t try to convince you that this new field is more deserving or better or more desperate than a hundred others.  All mission fields are important.  People might get competitive about missions, but how can God compete […]

A “Radical” Example

By Chaplain Mike At his blog, and also at Resurgence, Justin Buzzard posted the following, called, “The Top 10 Reasons Why People Should Not Join Our Church Plant.” This was a talk he gave at an informational meeting for a new church he is starting in San Jose, California. I think it is a good example […]

Demythologizing “Radical” Christianity (2)

By Chaplain Mike I remember meeting with a friend over lunch one day. We had been in Bible college together. I had gone on into the ministry in a small church in the Vermont mountains. He never was able to find his way into “full-time ministry.” And he felt terrible about it. One of the […]

Demythologizing “Radical” Christianity (1)

By Chaplain Mike As genuine Christianity diminishes, the adjectives we require in our attempt prop it up get more and more outlandish. One such example is the word, “radical.” It’s not enough to be a Christian, one must identify as a “radical” Christian to show that one is really, really serious about Jesus and “the […]

Embracing God’s Dream

By Chaplain Mike This week, in addition to the daily “Stations of the Cross” posts, I will lead us in considering ideas from some good books I am reading. We will continue exploring James Davison Hunter’s brilliant, To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World. In addition, […]

Let Me Restate That…A Rant Clarified

By Chaplain Mike Yesterday, a spirited discussion ensued regarding my “Rant as a Loser of the Worship Wars.” I think many of the comments missed the point of the post. So I thought I’d post a clarification. I hope this makes the most important aspects of what I was trying to say clear. When I […]