September 21, 2020

iMonk Classic: A Growing and Awkward Silence—Things I can’t talk about with my Pentecostal and Charismatic friends

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Note from Chaplain Mike… The lively comment thread on our recent post about the 50th birthday of the Charismatic Movement led me to think I should let iMonk weigh in on the subject. I’m not sure when this was first posted, but it’s classic Michael Spencer. Further note… See […]

iMonk Classic: Too Much Heaven? (part 2)

The classic Michael Spencer piece “Too Much Heaven?” that we ran last Saturday has raised some good questions and comments. That piece was originally part one of a three-part series, so this week we will post the other two articles. That way, readers can get Michael’s complete message. The message of many evangelistically-focused conservative Christians […]

iMonk Classic: Too Much Heaven?

Each Saturday, IM posts a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted on April 3, 2008 I grew up and was formed in a version of the Christian tradition that practiced a remarkably simple form of Christianity. It was about going to heaven. This life was preparation for heaven. God was preparing a place called […]

iMonk Classic: The Three Stories

Each Saturday, IM posts a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted March 24, 2008. In my preaching to students from all over the world and many different backgrounds, I am always looking for shorthand ways to communicate the Bible’s message. For example, I’ve taught my students over the years to say “He (Jesus) lived […]

IM on Steve Brown, Etc.

Jeff Dunn and Chaplain Mike are looking forward to sharing remembrances and appreciations of Michael Spencer on Steve Brown’s radio show this Friday. Here is the announcement from the Steve Brown, Etc. site: Friday, April 30 : Chaplain Mike & Jeff Dunn – – The life, work and legacy of Michael Spencer. Steve Brown […]

iMonk Classic: My Theology Can Beat Up Your Theology

Each Saturday, IM will post a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted January 14, 2008. I’ve had an idea running around in my mind for a few months, and I’m going to try and get it down on paper. It’s slippery, and rather than try to sound profound, I think it would be best […]

iMonk Classic: Thoughts on Seeking the Kingdom of God

Each Saturday, IM will post a classic article by Michael Spencer. Originally posted June 18, 2009 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matthew 6:33 NLT) 1. You won’t get very far in following Jesus if you don’t have some idea of what […]

iMonk Classic: To Be or Not To Be, or Why I’m Not A Young Earth Creationist

Written by Michael Spencer MOD NOTE: Comments are closed. This is most (not all) of an IM essay written during the early years of this web site (2001 I think.) My children were up to their ears in Ham/Hovind videos and I was feeling very alone in my own reading of Genesis. Things are better […]

Meeting Michael Spencer

MOD NOTE: Here is a link to the full transcript of David Head’s eulogy for Michael. MOD NOTE: Here is a link to an audio file of Pastor Bill Haynes’ message at Michael’s memorial service. Michael Spencer, the founder of this internet monk community–the iMonk himself–would not like all of the attention that has been […]

iMonk Classic: Real Apologetics

This weekend, as we mourn Michael Spencer’s passing, thank God for the hope of eternal life, and comfort one another in our time of loss, IM will feature classic posts from the Internet Monk. Mike’s Final Post on Internet Monk February 10, 2010 The ultimate apologetic is to a dying man. That is what all […]