October 29, 2020

Reconsider Jesus – Introduction: Why Mark?

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell Table of Contents Introduction: Why Mark Out of all the books in the world, why read this one? With a hundred other activities and interests to pursue, why devote your […]

Reconsider Jesus – Table of Contents

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell Table of Contents: Foreword and Preface Introduction – Why Mark? Mark 1:1 The Beginning Mark 1:1-3 Roots Mark 1:4-8 The Forerunner Mark 1:9a From Nazareth Mark 1:9-11 The Baptism Mark […]

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from Gospel of Mark

Today marks a radical departure in my writing for Internet Monk. One of my greatest desires over the last ten years has been to bring Michael Spencer’s study of the Gospel of Mark into the hands of his readers. While I have had some initial starts on it over the past decade, the time has […]

Rights, Risks, Regulations, and Responsibilities

This week I am following up on my post “You Are Killing Me!“ As I turn right out of my driveway, and approach the end of the block, there is a large red octagonal sign which displays the letters “STOP”. If I turn right at that point and proceed another block, there is an intersection […]

You Are Killing Me!

I need to get his off my chest. If I get the Covid-19 virus, I have a 10% chance of dying. This is because of a combination of my age along with with other medical conditions. That is right, 10%.  On the positive side, that is much better odds than my parents have. I do […]

What a strange strange week!

What a strange, strange week I’ve had. I must say I am feeling a little discombobulated. Let me start with end of the week and work my way backwards. I think you will find a few engaging tidbits, so be sure to read to the end. First, the picture is of a Chokecherry tree. If […]

Covid-19 and the future of Church – Part 3

I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of comments made on my post last week that I think were significant. One was left after much of the discussion had concluded, so you may not have seen it. Robert F. commented: I miss congregational worship somewhat, but the practice of daily compline devotions that […]

CoVid-19 and the future of Church – Part 2

I wasn’t expecting to write a followup to my initial post on CoVid-19 and the future of Church, but that is what has been on my mind today. It has been nearly three months since I last touched on the topic. Over the last couple of weeks, there have been a few new developments in […]

Views of God and the Corona Virus

Few things caused me to become more upset in the early days of the pandemic, than people stating their opinions about how God and the pandemic were related. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that these views reinforce what I wrote back in February of 2019 when I asked: “What […]

Using God for Political Purposes

I am in the process of writing a post entitled “Five Six Seven Views Of God and the Corona Virus”. The Post keeps changing the more I read and think about it. In considering all the different ways that I have heard people express their view of God and the Corona Virus, there was one […]