September 21, 2020

Pastorum…Pete Enns

One of the final presenters, called to “connect the dots” on what we’ve been learning at Pastorum is Peter Enns. I spent some time with Pete earlier in the day and will report on that tomorrow, but in this post, I will follow along and live-blog while he does his presentation. Pete has just taken […]

Pastorum…Day Two

Live blogging from day two at Pastorum Live Conference in Chicago… Session one is Scot McKnight on Sermon on the Mount as Gospel. “The Gospel has been distorted and colonized.” Distortion: God loves me, God is holy, God made us in his image, but we rebelled against him, and are now destined to hell because […]

More Pastorum…Session Two

First speaker in afternoon: Dr. Michael Heiser, “How to Interpret the Bible Out of Context.” He blogs at Paleobabble. Michael Heiser suggests Paul saw his mission in terms of Gen. 11, Deut. 4, Deut. 32, Isa 66, Acts 2. Reclaiming the nations scattered at Babel. That’s why he wanted to go to Spain (Tarshish) — […]

Live from Pastorum Conference…

From CM: I will be live-blogging from the Pastorum Live conference in Chicago today. Feel free to check in throughout the day and ask questions as I share what I’m hearing, my impressions, and my interactions with others. * * * Arrival I left Indy just before 7am ET and arrived at Park Community Church […]