September 20, 2020

Group Seeks Genesis Ban

By Chaplain Mike A Christian group, concerned about moral breakdown in American society, is pushing for a ban on the book of Genesis. A spokesperson for “People Involved in Saving, Securing, and Defending the Old-Fashioned Family” (PISSDOFF), said that decent citizens have come together to protest the publication and distribution of Bibles containing Genesis. They […]

James MacDonald Needs a Business Meeting

By Chaplain Mike James MacDonald and I both graduated from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1988. He went on to become a successful pastor, author, and radio teacher. I went on to . . . well, let’s just say, a less illustrious career. So, I will leave it to you as to who has more […]

My Last Post . . . Ever!

By Chaplain Mike After 6pm tomorrow night, I will either be “caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air” (1Thess 4:17), or so busy dealing with the aftermath of The Global Earthquake that will shake the world, that I will not have time for blogging. And since I have decided not […]

This May Be What You Heard in Church on Sunday

By Chaplain Mike I was watching an old favorite movie the other day, and thought for a moment I was in church. Given the state of preaching in many churches today, the sentiments of this famous speech may well represent what you heard from the pulpit…er…stage this morning. World without end. Amen.

Real Football

By Chaplain Mike Don’t want to leave out our international readers with all this talk of football. Of course, in most parts of the world, what we play is called “American” football, to distinguish it from real football, known here in the U.S. as “soccer.” Genuine football’s long and glorious history was well-represented in this […]

Holy Week 2011

By Chaplain Mike Note: certain words have been rendered in Swahili to pass the censors’ muster. Last year, we here in Indianapolis celebrated Holy Week with renewed faith and hope. All week long we prayed and focused our attention on the Great Day to come, when victory would be revealed. Each day, we had fellowship […]

A Conference for You!

By Chaplain Mike We don’t normally advertise conferences around here, but I came across one recently that made me think, “Now there’s a conference I’d like to sit in on.” It’s called: “Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right—The First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism.” It will be held right here in the great state […]

The New Battle for the Bible, part 1

By Guest Blogger Daniel Jepsen Coming of age in a fundamentalist church in the 70’s left one feeling a little like a Titanic passenger who’s made it onto the life boat: Yes, it’s kind of cold and cramped in here, and no, we don’t know here we’re going, but at least it’s not down.  Not […]

The Annual Internet Monk Family Series

By Chaplain Mike Hey, I have an idea. Let’s make this a Labor Day tradition. Since the Bible is our instruction book for family relationships, and since it spells out detailed instructions for every situation in life about how husbands ought to fulfill their roles as manly leaders, how wives ought to exemplify femininity and […]

NFL Football on the Horizon

By Chaplain Mike I consider myself a fairly typical American sports fan. I can’t afford to be a season ticket holder, but I love going to games when I can, and enjoy watching on TV. I generally follow all the big events like everyone else—World Series, the weekly college and pro football games, the golf […]