September 20, 2020

Peyton Manning, Frontman

Oh Peyton, we are going to miss you. As we in Indianapolis mourn the departure of Peyton Manning, we here at Internet Monk wondered if Jesus might have an opinion about it. Then we found this conversation from last fall, when our Colts were getting their brains beat out with Peyton on the sidelines. As […]

iMonk Classic: Stupid Ministry Tricks: The Best of My Bone-Headed Ministry Mistakes (+ A Bonus!)

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From June 2009 It came to me today that many of you have probably felt that this web site was remiss in offering practical encouragement to those who are laboring in the work of ministry. Here I am, 33+ years into this business, and I haven’t really shared much […]

Meet The Team

It’s a new year, and there may be some who have not been at the iMonastery for very long. Perhaps you don’t know the faces behind the names here, or the stories behind the faces behind the names. So I thought as we kick off 2012 we would start with a look at the iMonk […]


So this morning I wrote about why I need Advent, the real Advent, a real season of preparing my heart for the coming of the Savior. But I don’t mean I want to go about solemn-faced and somber for four weeks. I would have trouble doing that for four minutes. No, I want to enter […]

Real Presence?

Comments now closed. My apologies to those who hold the following view. I don’t think your voice was fairly represented in our discussion earlier this week on the Lord’s Supper. I hope you were not offended, and that you will continue to participate in our ongoing conversation about this matter. Because I think your perspective […]


Chaplain Mike BEFORE his sabbatical…

The Best College Application

This really has nothing to do with anything of importance, and you would probably be better off re-reading Chaplain Mike’s excellent discussions so far this week on the Gospel. But seeing as it is back-to-school time, and seeing as I thought we could all do with a bit of a laugh, and seeing as I […]

The Parish System

By Chaplain Mike Apparently, American Christians are not the only ones plagued by the spirit of “consumerism” when it comes to their commitment to a local church. This cartoon is taken from the Dave Walker Guide to the Church, published by Canterbury Press. It originally appeared in the Church Times.

That for which Every Heart Yearns

By Chaplain Mike This is the time of year a Midwestern boy like me looks forward to with all his heart. It is, without a doubt, the very best time of year. For this is the season when the three most wonderful words in the English language fill the air. Three simple, sublime words. They […]

iMonk News Headlines (July 2011)

iMonk News Headlines (JULY 2011) A *TFC Production We start the week off here at iMonk with a look at some of the more interesting stories taking place recently in the world of religion. • • • Pastor Joins His Own Satellite Campus Dallas, TX. “Pastors need to get fed too.” That is why Rev. […]