May 20, 2019

Vicarage Available!

The parishioners of St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s in the Chelmsford Diocese of the Church of England have been having a hard time filling their pastoral vacancy. So they put together this short video describing the charms of their setting. Charming indeed!

Church Music Funnies

  “Mixing Up the Church Music Warriors” Tim Liston, The Best Cartoons from Leadership Journal, Volume 3 Used by permission

A Few Baseball Laughs

Since baseball has come up in our conversations the past couple of days, I thought maybe we could lighten things up a little this afternoon with a few of my favorite baseball anecdotes and quotes. I’ll start with a personal favorite. When I was a young adult living in New England, Jon Miller became the […]

Jon Henry: Already Compromised: Moon Edition

Note from CM: Earlier this week I found this brilliant satirical piece by Jon Henry that exposes the kind of thinking that gets Christians in trouble with regard to Bible interpretation. Is it “biblical” to believe that the moon emits its own light? Read the following, and come to your own conclusion. * * * […]

Signs you may have hit the wall…

You’ve been driving for work so much that you can’t see out the rear window of your car because of all the empty fast-food bags piled up in the back seat. You dream about work…in detail…every night. You are praying more and more passionately. But all your prayers are imprecations aimed at other drivers around you. […]

Blessed Are the Aging

As a hospice chaplain, I work with a lot of older people. Lord willing, I will one day become “elderly” myself, as will most of us. Growing older, of course, has its own unique challenges, as does every season of life. If we face those challenges with God’s grace, we will be able to see […]

Jesus Holds A Business Meeting

Last week, Adam Palmer sent me a series of tweets he had received from our mutual friend, Mark Riddle. Here are just a few. *Did Jesus always pray before his staff meetings? *I’m guessing Jesus’ administrative assistant was tough to get past.  I’ll bet she protected him well. *And then Jesus said, “Go into the […]

Peyton Manning, Frontman

Oh Peyton, we are going to miss you. As we in Indianapolis mourn the departure of Peyton Manning, we here at Internet Monk wondered if Jesus might have an opinion about it. Then we found this conversation from last fall, when our Colts were getting their brains beat out with Peyton on the sidelines. As […]

iMonk Classic: Stupid Ministry Tricks: The Best of My Bone-Headed Ministry Mistakes (+ A Bonus!)

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer From June 2009 It came to me today that many of you have probably felt that this web site was remiss in offering practical encouragement to those who are laboring in the work of ministry. Here I am, 33+ years into this business, and I haven’t really shared much […]

Meet The Team

It’s a new year, and there may be some who have not been at the iMonastery for very long. Perhaps you don’t know the faces behind the names here, or the stories behind the faces behind the names. So I thought as we kick off 2012 we would start with a look at the iMonk […]