June 17, 2019

Close to the Fire

Gethsemani Journal 2011 (5) Here is the fifth and final installment of my journal from a five-day personal retreat at Gethsemani Abbey. • • • Friday, October 14 Martin Luther shows up in the most unexpected places. I arose at 5 am, showered, packed my bags and took them to the car. I attended Lauds […]

Walking through Rain and Desert

Gethsemani Journal 2011 (4) Part four of my journal from five days of quiet at Gethsemani Abbey. Thursday, October 14 Perfect! I had hoped for at least one rainy day while I was here so that I could go walking in the gray stillness. Yesterday, I had three brief conversations, the only ones I’ve had […]

Bad Monk in Paradise

Gethsemani Journal 2011 (3) Part three of my journal from a five-day silent retreat at The Abbey of Gethsemani. • • • Wednesday, October 13 What a terrible monk I would make! I would need to wear one of those armbands a football quarterback wears. You know, the ones that list all the plays so […]

Why Have I Come Here?

Gethsemani Journal 2011 (2) This is from a journal of my experiences on my second day (and first full day) at Gethsemani Abbey. • • • Tuesday, October 12 I did not sleep well. The bed was fine, but I am used to sleeping with two pillows and I could not find the right position. […]

Into the Silence

Gethsemani Journal 2011 (1) During my days at Gethsemani, I kept a journal of my thoughts, observations, and reflections. This week, I will share excerpts from these daily notes. • • • Monday, October 10 Getting away from home is never easy. In addition to normal packing chores — simple for this trip — I […]