June 2, 2020

The Face of the Gracious God

UPDATE: My essay “Our Problem With Grace” deals with some of the issues critical commenters are raising. I recall that Lloyd-Jones said that you can generally be sure that you’ve preached the Gospel when you’re accused of going too far in the direction of grace. And just a few weeks ago, it was The Gospel […]

Thinking Differently, Disagreeing Charitably

I was recently reading a book of Catholic apologetics that wanted to illustrate the insufficiency of sola scriptura. For an example, the author selected some issues about which evangelicals feel strongly, but which the author believed are not specifically spelled out in scripture to the extent that evangelicals claim. One of the issues was polygamy. […]

The Unlikely Command of Holy Joy

In my twice weekly study of Nehemiah, we’re still in chapter 8, and today we observed that the reading of the book of the law caused a strong emotional reaction among those who heard it read and explained. That reaction was grief and weeping. Neh. 8:9   And Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the […]

Do You Trust The Abbreviated Jesus?

The other day a strange feeling came over me. Don’t get me wrong about what I’m about to say here. It was just a feeling. I’m not claiming any powers of discernment or certainty. I got the distinct feeling there’s something wrong with a lot of people who say they are Jesus-followers/believers. If you want […]

Alone, and Not Alone: Meditations From the Evangelical Wilderness

We talk about the evangelical wilderness around here a lot. It’s sometimes academic, and sometimes it’s very personal to all of us. These are some of my thoughts from there today. If God has taught me anything, it’s that you (yes YOU) are out there, and I’m not the only one. This post is for […]

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Returns with the Gospel of Mark

My other blog, Jesus Shaped Spirituality, has been neglected lately, but that will be changing. I’m going to be publishing a series of Bible studies I wrote several years ago (the first thing I actually did on the internet actually) on the Gospel of Mark. There are 35 studies, going through chapter 8. The introductory […]

Mark Driscoll, Michael Horton Analyze Osteen’s Prosperity Gospel

Awake O’ Sleeper

The Missing Voice of the Christian Counter-Culture

(For N.T. Wright, Bono, Bob Dylan, Sara Groves, Derek Webb, Steve Earle, Larry Norman, Johnny Cash, Michael Been and Steve Taylor) Floating somewhere around the web is a picture/mp3 of Anglican bishop and theologian N.T. Wright, complete in lavender shirt and bishop’s collar, playing Bob Dylan’s sixties anthem, “Blowing In the Wind” on an acoustic […]

What Could Southern Baptists (and other evangelicals) do to promote Spiritual Formation?

I mean, besides read their Bibles. Southern Baptists can’t really do anything about this kind of thing because, as any real Southern Baptist knows, the denomination isn’t a church and actually the “Southern Baptist Convention” only exists a few hours a year. When it gets together to elect officers, debate a few non-binding resolutions and […]