May 24, 2019

The Love Of Jesus Is Enough: A Meditation on Morality

NOTE: I have chosen not to post a larger number of comments than usual. If you want to know why comments aren’t posted consult the IM F.A.Q. where this is addressed in one of the questions. I could have posted some perfect examples of moral reasoning following our love, but I think the point is […]

Where is Church Discipline When You Need It? Part 2: What does Matthew 18 Teach?

Without any intro, I’d like to get right into what I would be saying about Matthew 18 if I were lecturing on the “What does Matthew 18 tell us about church discipline?” I’d begin by noting that the church discipline material in I Corinthians 5 predates Matthew 18 in composition. Assuming Markan priority, it’s safe […]

Where Is Church Discipline When You Need It? Part 1: A Better Approach

Down through the years, I’ve been part of a few in-church discussions about church discipline. They were all memorable. Almost everyone was against it and treated me like I was going off the deep end for bringing it up. Being against church discipline was an issue worth yelling over, and I’ve been yelled at more […]

iMonk 101: What Kind Of Person Will Be A Disciple?

From April of ’08. Now – here is my secret: I tell it to you with an openness of heart that I doubt I shall ever achieve again, so I pray that you are in a quiet room as you hear these words. My secret is that I need God that I am sick and […]

iMonk 101: Jesus, Joel and The Hard Parts of the Gospel

From February of 2005. I’ve never reprinted this one and it’s one of the most “Jesus shaped” essays I’ve written. I have renamed it. It was originally called “Read It Again…And Don’t Skip The Hard Parts.” Let’s be honest. A lot of Christians have no idea what to do with the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ […]

What Is Jesus Shaped Spirituality?

The past year and a half has been the most personally tumultuous time I’ve ever experienced as a Christian believer. At one time or another in this past year, I have re-evaluated every area of my Christianity, often with many tears, prayers and hours of reading. Much of this has been in response to the […]

Living In One Room

In Screwtape Letter 10, the senior tempter reminds Wormwood that, as much as possible, he should strive to have his patient lead two completely separate and parallel lives. It’s basic demonic advice, and few of us would need much explanation. Someone ought to add that’s there’s no good reason to stop at two separate lives. […]

The Face of the Gracious God

UPDATE: My essay “Our Problem With Grace” deals with some of the issues critical commenters are raising. I recall that Lloyd-Jones said that you can generally be sure that you’ve preached the Gospel when you’re accused of going too far in the direction of grace. And just a few weeks ago, it was The Gospel […]

Thinking Differently, Disagreeing Charitably

I was recently reading a book of Catholic apologetics that wanted to illustrate the insufficiency of sola scriptura. For an example, the author selected some issues about which evangelicals feel strongly, but which the author believed are not specifically spelled out in scripture to the extent that evangelicals claim. One of the issues was polygamy. […]

The Unlikely Command of Holy Joy

In my twice weekly study of Nehemiah, we’re still in chapter 8, and today we observed that the reading of the book of the law caused a strong emotional reaction among those who heard it read and explained. That reaction was grief and weeping. Neh. 8:9   And Nehemiah, who was the governor, and Ezra the […]