January 15, 2021

Four Questions: Steve Sensenig on Worship and Music

Steve Sensenig is a blogger (theologicalmusingsblog.com) and contributor to many good blog discussions. He’s also a musician who has served in various capacities in several different ministries in a wide range of styles from very traditional to very contemporary. Steve is a recording artist, and has also spent some time in the Christian music industry […]

Ten Questions On The Bible (plus one rant)

UPDATE: If “inerrancy,” a term that doesn’t appear in any major confession or creed, equals “being a Christian” to you, then let me encourage you to stop worrying about the effect of this blog. I’m happy to have you here, but if a non-Biblical word is the essence of defining my relationship to God through […]

Alastair “Adversaria” Roberts: The IM Interview

1. Let’s start with the essential bio: Who are you, where are you, how’d you get there and what are you doing with yourself? Most people who know me will know me from my blog, Alastair.Adversaria, which I created shortly after I started studying in the University of St. Andrews, in October 2005. Before I […]

The iMonk/Centuri0n Interview: Part 4

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Question 7 8. How did the Purpose Driven Life phenomenon change Christian publishing? I don’t think it did, really. You might think that naive, but the only thing that happened with PDL that never really happened before was that after CBA got to […]

The iMonk and Calvinism Q&A

Q: Are you a Calvinist? A. I prefer to not be called a Calvinist. There might be certain situations where I would answer to that term, but it would be rare. Q. Why are you no longer a Calvinist? A. As long as I have been a Calvinist, I’ve had to explain what the term […]

Steve Mcfarland: The Internet Monk Interview

Friends are among the greatest gifts in life. Steve Mcfarland has been my friend for 4 decades and I am a richer man for it. He’s also an eloquent voice for the issue of Christians in public schools and a person who has invested his entire adult life in being an influence for Christ in […]