January 15, 2021

Dr. Mike Wittmer: Heaven Is A Place On Earth: The IM Interview

As we were discussing the subject of “Can We Be Too God-Centered?,” I remembered an excellent book I’d read a couple of years ago: Heaven Is A Place On Earth: Why Everything You Do Matters To God by Dr. Michael Wittmer. I contacted Dr. Wittmer and he graciously agreed to a blog interview here at […]

Christine Wicker: The Internet Monk Interview with the Author of Fall of the Evangelical Nation

UPDATE: I’m just curious: do some of you always descend into railing preacher mode when you encounter a person who isn’t on the same page as you, or is today just not your day? Internet Monk.com is extremely honored to have Christine Wicker in the house for the IM interview segment today. Christine is the […]

David Hayward, “The Naked Pastor:” The IM Interview

I’ve long admired pastor, blogger and cartoonist David Hayward, aka The Naked Pastor. (That’s Naked. Not “Nekkid.” He’s not up to anything.) I’ve been excited about this interview and it’s proven to be everything I hoped for. David has a fascinating journey and a point of view the IM audience will appreciate. I’ve already gotten […]

The IMonk on Steve Brown, Etc.

It’s my third go around on my favorite radio/podcast program. We talked about Halloween, the Election and House, M.D. If SBE isn’t on your itunes, you’re missing one of the best treats on the web. Thanks to Erik, Kathy and Steve for a great time.

Julie Neidlinger’s Real Voice: The Internet Monk Interview

My guest today is Julie Neidlinger, who blogs at loneprairie.net and recently wrote a very honest and controversial post called “Why I Walked Out of Church.” That post has been discussed all around the blogosphere over the past month. I’m assuming you’ve read that post before you read this interview, otherwise you’ll be in the […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Dr. Nathan Finn

It’s a genuine honor to have Dr. Nathan Finn, Assistant Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as my guest today at InternetMonk.com. Dr. Finn is one of the new academic voices in SBC life speaking strongly for a renewal of serious church membership among Southern Baptists. Dr. Finn has an A.A. from […]

Interview: Dr. David Powlison on “Reading the Bible For Personal Application”

In their ongoing series of previews of the ESV Study Bible Crossway has posted online a 10-page PDF containing 5 of the 50 articles that will be in the back of the Study Bible.. This section is on “Reading the Bible” (pdf): · Reading the Bible Theologically, by J.I. Packer · Reading the Bible as […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Jonathan Leeman

UPDATE: Thanks for the good response and discussion. If you would like to read an excellent defense of the Baptist view of church membership, John Piper has written an excellent article on Church Membership and Accountability. A very good survey of the basics. This post begins several posts on the subject of the church and […]

Ian Cron: The Internet Monk Interview

One of the communicators and writers that has really fed my mind and soul this year is Ian Cron, founding pastor of Trinity Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. Ian is a unique and gifted person who incorporates so much of what I am attracted to when I talk about a “Happy Enough Protestant” and a “Post-Evangelical” […]

C. Michael Patton of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries: The Internet Monk Interview

My guest today is C. Michael Patton, President of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and one of the best theology teachers you will ever hear. He also does several podcasts and writes at Parchment and Pen blog. Michael is one of the sanest, most helpful voices in the Christian blogosphere and I’m honored to have him […]