January 15, 2021

Chaplain Mike Mercer: Evangelicals And The Pastoral Care of the Dying: The IM Interview

Chaplain Mike Mercer is one of the long-time faithful friends of this web site. Many of you will recognize him as a frequent commenter. Mike has gone the extra mile to befriend me and that has been a true gift. I wanted to do this interview because Mike is now involved in pastoral care of […]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 5): Mary, Purgatory and the Eucharist

COMMENTS CLOSED My sincere thanks to Bryan Cross and all the commenters in this discussion. The majority of our discussion has been constructive and helpful. Of course, there are deep feelings at work in these issues and some commenters reflect various levels of understanding other traditions and various levels of being able to communicate without […]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 4): What Should Protestants Know About Vatican II?

My continuing interview with Bryan Cross now covers something very important: the Second Vatican Council and its implications for Protestant-Catholic relations. 9. What should every Protestant know about Vatican II? The Second Vatican Council took place from 1963-1965, and was the twenty-first ecumenical council, following the First Vatican Council in 1869-70. Vatican II produced sixteen […]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 3): Anglicans, Evangelicals, Convert Apologetics and Books

5. What is your assessment of Pope Benedict’s opening the doors of the church to disaffected Anglicans? Will this speed up the path into the priesthood for men in the Anglican ministry? For a number of years now, thousands of Anglicans have been asking the Holy See to allow them to enter into full communion […]

Bryan Cross Interview (Part 2): Unity, Reformation and Tensions in Catholicism

My interview with Bryan Cross continues with questions about how Protestants hear talk of unity, tensions in the Catholic Church and how Protestants and Catholics should view the Reformation. 2. Does Christian Unity mean “Protestants becoming Roman Catholics?” In the Creed we refer to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. Those are the four […]

Catholic Philosopher and Blogger Bryan Cross: The IM Interview (Part 1)

REMINDER: Commenters should remember that the future interview segments will cover many topics. A few days ago I asked Catholic blogger and philosopher Bryan Cross to do an interview here at IM on the subject of Christian Unity. Bryan blogs at Principium Unitatis. Bryan is a prolific writer and was gracious to do the interview. […]

NLT Mosaic Bible Blog Tour/Interview: Mosaic Editor Keith Williams

I’m very happy to have Keith Williams, one of the editors of the “Mosaic” Bible (NLT) that I’ve recently promoted here at IM, answering some of your questions about the NLT and the special Mosaic edition. You can find the entire Mosaic Blog tour schedule here. Check out the various sites and all the questions […]

Dr. Valerie Tarico- Non-theists and Evangelicals: The IM Interview

I have been wanting to do an interview with an articulate and perceptive non-theist, and I have found one in Dr. Valerie Tarico, author of The Dark Side: How Evangelical Teachings Corrupt Love and Truth. What’s the point? 1. Evangelicals are constantly mischaracterizing non-theists. We need to listen and not preach. 2. There is some […]

David Zahl Talks About Mockingbird Ministries: The IM Interview

UPDATE: Baptists might want to read this post on semi-Pelagianism, and enjoy the Tom Petty video 🙂 If you’ve been paying attention, you should have noticed that the most interesting blog out in the Christian/Reformation blogosphere is Mockingbird, the front page to the world of Mockingbird Ministries. Dead on, provocative stuff with the strong scent […]

Jared Wilson: The Internet Monk Interview

Jared Wilson is the author Your Jesus Is Too Safe and the blogmeister at Gospeldrivenchurch.com. 1. You’re obviously influenced by the rhetorical style of someone like Driscoll, in that you are communicating intensely, but with humor and pop-culture to counter-balance. Yet, you’ve managed to put the emphasis on the Biblical content, not on the style […]