November 29, 2020

Another Look: The IM Interview with Chaplain Mike (1)

Note from CM: Before I started writing for Internet Monk, Michael Spencer asked me to do an interview about Evangelicals and Pastoral Care for the Dying. I’m working on some upcoming posts about using the Bible in ministry and pastoral care, and in preparation I thought it might be good to revisit this seminal discussion. • […]

Poetry Week: From an Interview with Eugene Peterson

Note from CM: If you’ve read Internet Monk for any length of time, you know that both Michael Spencer and I have benefited immensely from the work of Eugene Peterson. For many, many reasons, not least of which is Peterson’s love for language and his insistence on rich conversation as a main ingredient of pastoral work. […]

Sept. 11 Special: Interview with Charles Featherstone

Note from CM: I first met Charles Featherstone over a cup of coffee at Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago a couple of years ago. Even in our brief interaction, I was intrigued by him and the story of his wilderness journey. I learned only a small portion of it then, but now that Charles […]

Interview: More from Miguel

Read Part One of our interview with Miguel Ruiz. In this second part, Miguel shares some insightful words about his own understanding of worship, and how he tries to meet the challenge of both drawing on tradition and ministering to younger generations. * * * You have been involved with both the contemporary evangelical church […]

Interview: Miguel Ruiz (part one)

Note from CM: Miguel Ruiz is one of our most thoughtful commenters here on IM. When Miguel and his wife were on their way east to take a position in a church on Long Island, he stopped here in Indianapolis and we spent some time talking face to face, something I wish I had a […]

IM Interview: Eric Wyse (part 2)

Today, we continue with part 2 of our interview with Eric Wyse about church music and his vocation within this realm. * * * CM: What are some of the other music projects that you have participated in that have helped you grow as a Christian and a musician and that have given you some […]

IM Interview: Eric Wyse (part 1)

My wife Gail and I began dating when we were in Bible college, participating together in choir and music ensembles. As I got to know her better and was introduced to her family, I discovered that they all had a deep love of church music that went beyond their immediate family and stretched back to […]

IM Interview with Steve Brown

I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Steve Brown yesterday, to thank him for his wonderful new book, Three Free Sins: God’s Not Mad at You. Thanks to Steve’s co-worker, Erik Guzman, our conversation was recorded so that it would be available to you, our Internet Monk audience. For those of you unfamiliar with […]

Another Look: Pastoral Care of the Dying, Part Two

By Chaplain Mike Here is the second part of Michael Spencer’s November 17, 2009 interview with me about “Evangelicals and Pastoral Care of the Dying.” (If you are coming to this discussion late, see the introduction to yesterday’s post.) INTERVIEW, PART TWO 4. At what point is it appropriate for a minister to talk about […]

Another Look: Pastoral Care of the Dying

By Chaplain Mike Back on November 17, 2009, I wrote my first post for Internet Monk. Actually, it was an interview that Michael Spencer did with me called,“Chaplain Mike Mercer: Evangelicals And The Pastoral Care of the Dying: The IM Interview.” Lately, as I have solicited questions for the “Ask Chaplain Mike” posts, several readers […]