December 1, 2020

The NT Haustafeln (House-Tables)

By Chaplain Mike We would be remiss if we did not include some consideration of Biblical teaching about family relationships during this week on Internet Monk when we are talking about them. In this post we will look at one way the apostles taught the early church to live out their faith in the home. […]

Another Look: Surd Evil, Serpents, and the Cosmic Battle

By Chaplain Mike Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. • Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking I had not planned on re-running this post, but I think our discussion on death before the Fall demands that we review it. A common Christian viewpoint attributes all the […]

One of the Stickiest Issues

By Chaplain Mike The interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis 1 and the subsequent stories in Genesis 2-3 forms one of the battlegrounds in the current “creation wars.” However, the arguments go beyond Genesis. In fact, the stickiest issues grow out of the way the Apostle Paul makes use of the story of Adam […]

Another Look: Life in the King’s Garden (Bible Study on Gen 2)

By Chaplain Mike Before we dive into making comments about the “Historical Adam” controversy that the recent cover story in Christianity Today highlighted, I thought it would be good to review a couple of posts that we did last year. These are Bible studies of Genesis 2-3. I will reproduce them and update them here […]

A Way Forward for Eschatology

By Chaplain Mike Two years ago, Scot McKnight did a five-part series called “The Future of Christian Eschatology” on his Jesus Creed blog. We have all had this subject on our mind this week, thanks to the looney predictions of Harold Camping and all the press they received. Today, I offer a summary from one […]

All Are Welcome

By Chaplain Mike A website I’ve learned to like when preaching the lectionary is One of their entries this week is from David Lose, Marbury E. Anderson Biblical Preaching Chair at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He discusses this week’s Gospel, the text of the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-12), a passage I’ve discussed here […]

Biblical Narrative and History

By Chaplain Mike One of my primary New Testament professors in seminary was Grant R. Osborne. I loved his infectious enthusiasm and approach to teaching, especially with regard to Greek. He believed that seminaries should be training pastors, and so our projects and examinations were always exercises in taking a passage in the original language […]

A Bible You’d Never Find at the Christian Bookstore

By Chaplain Mike Let’s say you walk into your local bookstore looking for a Bible. You scan the shelves and examine various translations and editions. Many contain 66 books: 39 in the OT and 27 in the NT. In some Bibles there is a section between the OT and NT with additional books called, “Apocrypha” […]

The Linchpin

By Chaplain Mike I feel badly that I wasn’t able to follow yesterday’s discussion on our friend Garrett League’s post closely. Fascinating! I especially appreciate that we had some folks who joined us who are strongly convinced of and committed to scientific reasoning, even going so far as to claim that religion cannot give us […]

Examine Yourself?

By Chaplain Mike A man named Andrew contributed a short story on about hypochondria. In it, he wrote: Today I have lymphoma. Yesterday was bowel cancer. I curiously palpate my underarms, searching for that slippery lump, stealthily hiding from my grasp. I check again, and again. I then move up to my neck, again […]