January 21, 2021

In The Study: My Good Friday Meditation

In my work setting, I’ve done a Holy Week meditation each day this week. This is today’s Good Friday meditation. My mother had an unusual experience as a teenage girl. She was present at the last public hanging in the United States. She recalled that day in the mid-1930’s very clearly. It was, she said, […]

Thirty-Two Rooms and No Way Out: Adventures in Bookstore Claustrophobia

This post is an odd soup. Call it one part “Second Half of Life,” for just getting old and pathetic; one part “In The Study,” for the sermon idea I’ll get out of it; and one part “Parable, Metaphor and Illustration” for what you can do with it. Laugh at me, with me, and then […]

In the Study: Christianity For Beginners (7 Sermons)

In The Study posts examine actual sermons I preach. These are primarily, chapel messages, preached to approximately 450 students/staff from all over the world. My goal is to provide models of evangelistic, apologetic proclamation to those who might be engaged in similar ministry. Every year I do a sermon series with the purpose of laying […]

Evangelism: Resources, Methods and Content

This post is a survey of some thoughts about evangelism that I’ve wanted to share for some time in response to several discussions and posts in the blogosphere. I hope they are helpful in some way to those of you who do evangelism. When I came to work at the ministry where I serve 15 […]

Books Worth Reading in 2007

UPDATE: What if the TR watchbloggers fisked this post for orthodoxy? It might look like this. I am frequently challenged in comments around here to come up with some kind of a book list. I’ve published a list of authors before, but never a list of books that I would recommend. The reasons became evident […]

A Pointed Question: Why Not Rather Suffer Wrong?

(The following post is a summary of a recent chapel message. I originally thought of the message after hearing C.J. Mahaney teach on the passage. My use in chapel and here is my own, but I acknowledge his excellent exposition and application as my starting point.) I Corinthians 6:1 When one of you has a […]

In The Study: Five Questions From Mark 10:17-27

In The Study will share some of my preaching ideas and outlines with those of you who do Christian communication in ministry. Mark 10 is a favorite evangelistic chapter. Every preacher has taken this text and used it to introduce the basic ideas of the Gospel. I’ve used it many times. (NLT) Mark 10:17 As […]