September 21, 2019

The Great Pumpkin Proposes A Toast

Every year since I first published this piece, someone has linked it and I get requests for it to reappear. It’s one of my favorite IM pieces, and is dedicated to all of those writers and artists who believe in the holy and wholesome use of the imagination. Here’s a toast to Halloween, and all […]

A Persistent Irrationality by leif rigney

leif rigney, University English prof and original Internet Monk writer, penned a great essay on superstitous, irrational Christians. It’s an older IM piece, but still funny, truthful and helpful. Put it in your Imonk 101 folder and reread it. Then pass it around. To all those hiding from $6.66 in change, this essay’s for you. […]

To Know We’re Not Alone

Describing the true nature of Christian experience is an important part of what I want to do with my writing. It’s also one of the things most controversial about this blog and what I’ve chosen to express through it. Some of my past posts have come close to writing the kinds of pieces that I […]

In The Gay Old Summertime Revisited

Some of you are asking about my views on homosexuality. I said just about everything I have to say about the topic of homosexuality in the IM essay “In The Gay Old Summertime.” Though written several years ago when my kids were watching “Queer Eye,” it still expresses my own response to this issue as […]

Buchanan on Sabbath + The Sanity Verses Revisited

I think some of us need to hear the good news of sabbath and refreshment. Wow. A great book from a great writer: Mark Buchanan on “The Rest of God.” It’s the finest exploration of the role of the sabbath in the life of the Christian I have ever read. Simply superb and a delight […]

Do you ever doubt your Christian beliefs?

“Michael, do you ever doubt your Christian beliefs?” Yes. I do. In fact, I’ve written an entire essay on the subject of my personal doubts: I Have My Doubts. It’s an IM favorite. While it’s more confessional than comprehensive, it does address the subject of doubt, the depth of doubt, and the path of my […]

What Do I Mean by Post-Evangelical?

My son Clay asked me the other day, “What do you mean by post-evangelical?” That deserves a good answer. Let’s start with this: By evangelical, I do not mean, as some on the Internet have labored to prove, a line of Christianity extending from the Reformation through Calvinism to a handful of modern day independent […]

Driscoll Reruns

Since Mark Driscoll clearly bothers some people to the point of issuing ultimatums and accusations that are utterly fantastic- like claiming Driscoll started Emergent and is to blame for all its worst tendencies- I’ll rerun my piece on “Why Mark Driscoll Bothers You,” plus a few other relevant oldies but goodies. Read “Why Mark Driscoll […]

The Boat in the Backyard: A Father’s Depression and a Boy Who Finally Understands

This piece about my dad, and how his depression impacted my life, is a statement of my faith in Jesus Christ, the one whose Gospel gives hope to dads and sons everywhere. This is the story of how I was robbed, and blessed, at the same time, by the same man. And how God gives […]

A Guide For The Cussin’ Christian by leif rigney

With all the discussion of the horrors of bad language being tossed around the reformed Baptist watchblogosphere these days, I hate to tell everyone that the final word on this matter was written long ago, in the dim mists of time that began this blog. Yes, one leif “Eric” rigney penned “A Guide For The […]