August 7, 2020

Ron Rolheiser on Churches as Field Hospitals

Ron Rolheiser on Churches as Field Hospitals Most of us are familiar with Pope Francis’ comment that today the church needs to be a field hospital. What’s implied here? First, that right now the church is not a field hospital, or at least not much of one. Too many churches of all denominations see the […]

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification?

Well, well. A significant breakthrough on justification? This fourth edition thus represents a complete reappraisal of every aspect of previous editions, including their structure and format. Those using this work for teaching purposes should thus ensure that they familiarise themselves with these structural and scholarly changes. My continuing engagement with both primary and secondary sources […]

Richard Rohr on Liminal Space

Richard Rohr on Liminal Space Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next. We usually enter liminal space when […]

Getting the Gospel Right: Interacting with a Post at Scot McKnight’s Blog

Getting the Gospel Right Interacting with Scot McKnight’s Post So, today, I encourage you to go to Scot McKnight’s blog, find Matthew Bates’s post and read it carefully: “Good News? Are T4G/TGC Leaders Starting To Change Their Gospel?”. Then, let’s use this and my comments below as the basis of discussion today. Here are a […]

Richard Beck on God’s Power

Richard Beck on God’s Power From God’s Omnipotence: Part 6, Beyond a Marvel Imagination of Power …[W]hen we speak of God being “all powerful” we should not think of God being the Biggest Power within the universe. God isn’t a superpower. If I could wade into some nerdy waters, an illustration from the Marvel comic […]

Holy Saturday 2020: God has been found among the dying and the dead

We sit down with tears And call to you in your tomb Rest gently, gently rest! Rest, you exhausted limbs! Your grave and tombstone For our anguished conscience shall be A pillow that gives peace and comfort And the place where our souls find rest. With the greatest content there our eyes will close in […]

Good Friday 2020: “God lets himself be pushed out of the world on to the cross.”

Ah Golgotha, accursed Golgotha! The Lord of glory must shamefully perish here, The blessing and salvation of the world Is put on the cross as a curse. From the creator of the heaven and the earth The Earth and the air will be taken away The innocent must here die as guilty, That touches my […]

Maundy Thursday 2020: “Remembering” means present and active

Willingly I shall bring myself To accept the cross and cup, I drink as my Saviour did For his mouth, Which flows with milk and honey Has made the cause And bitter taste of suffering Become sweet through first drinking himself. English Translation by Francis Browne • • • The Passover Seder is ordained in […]

Wednesday in Holy Week 2020: “The crucifixion of Jesus was the most secular, irreligious happening ever to find its way into the arena of faith.”

O man, thy grievous sin bemoan, For which Christ left His Father’s throne, From highest heaven descending. Of Virgin pure and undefiled He here was born, our Saviour mild, For sin to make atonement. The dead He raised to life again. The sick He freed from grief and pain. Until the time appointed That He […]

“A bit of goodness tucked out of sight”

One year I watched an orb weaver spider at uncommonly close range. She had set up housekeeping by stringing her web from our basketball backboard to the corner of the house. Just above the eave on that corner is a floodlight that’s triggered by motion. Every night that September I carried my late mother’s lame […]