December 11, 2019

A Jesus Story in Song

By Chaplain Mike Jeff’s post on storytelling songs yesterday got me thinking about all the great musical artists I’ve heard over the years who have painted song-pictures in which my imagination could wander. A great storytelling song puts you right there in its scenes, and suddenly you are seeing, hearing, and feeling what the characters […]

You Can’t Shake Jesus

By Chaplain Mike After a busy week of intense posts, here’s a moment of music for your enjoyment and encouragement. This is a live performance of a song from Ricky Skaggs’ new album, Mosaic.

“For” God or “With” God?

By Chaplain Mike One of my favorite teachers today is Skye Jethani, senior editor of Leadership Journal and Out of The following video is a good example of why I appreciate his emphasis so much. In it he describes a turning point in his own thinking and ministry when he realized we may be […]

Keaggy Classic

By Chaplain Mike Continuing with our music theme, I thought I’d give you some great sounds to kick off your Friday. In the list of some of my top five albums, I mentioned Phil Keaggy’s “Love Broke Thru” (1976). This was Keaggy’s second solo album. He previously played with the band Glass Harp, who recorded […]

And . . . Five of My Favorite Albums

By Chaplain Mike Mr. Dunn has thrown down the gauntlet. Nothing sparks a good discussion more than “Top ______” lists. And for those of us who are baby boomers, there’s nothing we love discussing more than music. I recently went to reunion of friends who graduated from 8th grade together — that’s right, 8th grade. […]

My Five Favorite Albums

Note: We really are planning a discussion of Robert Capon’s Between Noon And Three. No, really we are. Still waiting responses from a couple of writers. (You do know that none of these writers get paid, right? Which makes it kind of hard for me to crack the whip on them…) So stay tuned…it’s coming. […]

The Store Is Open

You will notice a new ad on our home page. If you didn’t notice it, please take time to notice it now. There. Nice, isn’t it? We are happy to announce the opening of iMonkPublishing, a new part of the Internet Monk community. This is a place where you can buy books that we recommend […]

Giving Away “The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church”

A word from friend of IM, Patrick Kyle This past weekend I had a chance to hear Dr. Rosenbladt give his lecture entitled ‘The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church’ to a packed house. As Ted and I sat and watched the impact of Dr. R’s words on the audience, I knew it was […]

Recommended: Dialogues with Tom Wright

By Chaplain Mike As we drove around Chicago last week, and then home to Indy on Sunday, we had the privilege of listening to some of the messages from the recent Wheaton Annual Theology Conference—“Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright.” If you would like a good overview of […]