October 14, 2019

Review: Hymns for the Christian Life

Hymns for the Christian Life by Keith and Kristyn Getty * * * Respected modern singer/songwriters and hymn composers Keith and Kristyn Getty have released another fine album of serious contemporary music in their characteristic Celtic style (along with some bluegrass tunes) for the church. It’s called “Hymns for the Christian Life,” and it deals […]

In Music, 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago yesterday, a door to the future was opened. The Beatles’ song, “Love Me Do,” which became their first #1 single, was released. It ain’t church music, but no western popular music has been the same since the Beatles.  

To Make God Smile

Try to stay with me here. The Beatles (remember them?) released Rubber Soul in time for Christmas, 1965. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys said this was the best album he had ever heard and set about to create his own masterpiece. In May of 1966, Wilson (who turned 70 yesterday) and the Boys released Pet […]

Recommended Summer Listening

The sun is staying up later, the temperatures are getting warmer, and the Orioles (the Orioles? Yes, the Baltimore Orioles!) have the best record in baseball. In must be the cusp of summer. The kiddies will be out of school soon, which means most all of us will be getting on the road and driving […]

Exuberant Easter!

Easter Oratorio, BWV 249 J.S. Bach The soundtrack in my mind during the Easter season is all Bach, timpani and trumpets, and bright celebration. These days I have been listening to a shimmering 2011 recording of the JS Bach Easter and Ascension Oratorios by the Retrospect Ensemble. Easter Oratorio is one of five works by […]

Music For Lent

Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Music for lent As we journey through this Lenten season, we need some company for the road. I’d like to recommend some books and a movie or two. But this morning we’ll look at an album to keep us company in this time in the wilderness. First of […]

Recommended: N.T. Wright on Extension 720

One of the great graces of life is good conversation and respectful dialogue between neighbors. The best talk show I have ever heard, which embodies this grace, is Extension 720 on WGN Radio in Chicago. It is hosted by Dr. Milton J. Rosenberg. Milt is a professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago, where […]

An Inside Look at Sports and Faith

Tom Rust is a friend of mine who loves Jesus and loves sports. Twenty years ago, he found a way to unite his two loves when he became the host of a syndicated radio program called Face to Face. Here is a description of the program from their website: “Face to Face” is a radio […]

Some Music Observations

I am a music man. Always have been. I remember listening to my mom’s Elvis and Buddy Holly 45s on an old portable record player. (If you didn’t understand a word I just said, go ask your grandparents for an interpretation.) The first album I remember owning myself was Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron by […]

Recommended: St. Olaf Choir

Last night, we attended another special event, this one unrelated to Super Bowl week. Seventeen of us from our choir traveled to the north side of Indy to St. Luke’s Methodist Church to hear the St. Olaf Choir from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Choral music is one of the greatest helps to meditation […]