October 25, 2020

Escaping the Post-Evangelical Wilderness?

Michael Spencer wrote a post a couple of years ago entitled “Happy Enough Protestant“. It was his response to many inquiries as to why he did not convert to Roman Catholicism. While Michael was a “Happy Enough Protestant“, he was not a “Happy Enough Evangelical“. InternetMonk.com has been a window into why he was wandering […]

It’s OK…to Just Be a Christian

By Chaplain Mike MOD NOTE: Comments are closed. I hope this will come as a bit of good news to you today. Maybe it will help you stop beating yourself up unnecessarily. I hope it will help us all to that end. What I have to tell you is… It’s OK. It’s OK to just […]

From the iMonk Archive: The “Happy Enough” Protestant

MOD: This discussion has degenerated into the usual “my side v. your side” dirt clod fight. Unfortunately, this shows some of us have missed or forgotten the spirit of the original post. Go back and read it again, folks. I can celebrate my tradition and the good, biblical aspects of it, without having to denigrate […]

Theology, Depression and the Unsolvable Problem of the Right Church

I’ve written another essay (March of 08) on this topic called “The Happy Enough Protestant.” I recommend it highly, but it doesn’t deal with depression. I am going to write rather directly to those of you who feel that you are experiencing some measure of mental anguish, anxiety and depression in regard to theology and, […]

They Bought Me, and I’m Glad

Ordination: I was ordained to the Gospel ministry by a Southern Baptist congregation in 1980, but you won’t hear me have a lot to say about ordination. I believe in it, but in a minimalist kind of way. I don’t believe in titles. (Not calling someone Father or Reverend seems like a can’t-miss teaching of […]

The “Happy Enough” Protestant

I would like to invite Internet Monk readers to write a brief response to this post. I am particularly interested in what makes you a “happy enough” Protestant. (Please read the post and get the idea first.) Your response should be expressed in the spirit of this post. If they are short, put them in […]