August 12, 2020

Monkshank Redemption

“This is one of my favorite movies, Dad.” I was sitting down to watch Shawshank Redemption with my oldest daughter, Rebekah. “It reminds me of the children of Israel.” “Really? How so?” “Well, when they were set free from Egypt, they couldn’t handle freedom. It scared them. Most of them wanted to go back to […]

Jail Break

A little while ago I was up late at night and caught a TV special on the making of Johnny Cash’s album, San Quentin. When it came to Cash performing the song about California’s infamous prison, I listened intently—and then came undone. I wept and wept. I went to iTunes and downloaded the song, listened […]

Our Intimate God

I refuse. I absolutely refuse to go back to a god who is only interested in what I do, not who I am. I have no interest in a god who keeps score, who I have to appease by doing good things and avoiding bad things. A god who is more interested in institutes and […]

All Are Welcome

By Chaplain Mike A website I’ve learned to like when preaching the lectionary is One of their entries this week is from David Lose, Marbury E. Anderson Biblical Preaching Chair at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN. He discusses this week’s Gospel, the text of the Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-12), a passage I’ve discussed here […]

Liturgy Is Not a “Style”

By Chaplain Mike I hope you will continue to put up with my ongoing journey into understanding the Lutheran way of practicing the Christian faith. In a comment the other day, someone asked if this is now a Lutheran site. Well, no. But since I’m walking on that path, what I’m learning is bound to […]

On Good Works

By Chaplain Mike Whenever we have a discussion on faith and good works, it is likely that we will go down many side trails, as happened on Monday in our conversations. Today would be a good time, in my estimation, to clarify some fundamental Biblical teachings and to point you to what I think are […]

Paul’s New Law—Or Our Identity In Christ?

Note from JD: In anticipation of many, um, interesting comments that will follow this post, I am donning my Simul Iustus et Peccator (At Once Justified and Sinner) t-shirt sent to me by our friends at New Reformation Press. I highly recommend you get one for yourself before you find me guilty of treason, blasphemy, or […]

Works-Righteousness by any Other Name Still Stinks

By Chaplain Mike Regret. This is the great demon conjured up by International House of Prayer founder and director Mike Bickle to scare Christians straight. The Christian Post reports that he gave a message on the subject to 27,000 young people at a four-day conference last week in Kansas City, MO. Bickle’s message was first […]