August 5, 2020

Memories with Dad

My Dad came home from the hospital on Friday! The pharmacist delivered his medicines late that evening and commented “Jim has more lives than a cat!” It was his ninth major abdominal surgery in about the same number of years. Thank you for all your prayers. As I was thinking about what to write tonight […]

The Liturgy of Creation (Introduction)

The Liturgy of Creation (Introduction) As I said the other day, I am working through Michael Lefebvre’s revelatory book, The Liturgy of Creation: Understanding Calendars in Old Testament Context. RJS has also been blogging on this at Musings on Science and Theology. Michael Lefebvre is the teaching elder/pastor at Christ Church Reformed Presbyterian in Brownsburg, […]

Another Look: God’s Good Creation (and a preview of things to come)

Note from CM: I am reading a wonderful book about the Genesis 1 creation account by Michael Lefebvre, a local minister here in Indiana, called The Liturgy of Creation: Understanding Calendars in Old Testament Context. I hope to share more about it next week. His study yields remarkable insights about how the first creation story […]

How I Became a… Believer in Climate Change

From my series of posts a little over five years ago in my original “How I Became…” series, you might have thought that I embrace change quickly. After all, I have made a lot of theological changes in my life time. In fact, while I am willing to change my mind on things, it takes […]

Sunday with Walter Brueggemann: The counterexperience of creation in worship

Sunday with Walter Brueggemann The counterexperience of creation in worship One other peculiar practice in Israel’s worship life bears on our theme. It is evident in Gen 1:1–2:4a that creation and its gift of blessing are understood to be accomplished through (a) utterance, (b) separation of day from night and the waters from the waters, […]

A Serving of Capon for Carnival

“O Lord, refresh our sensibilities. Give us this day our daily taste. Restore to us soups that spoons will not sink in, and sauces which are never the same twice. Raise up among us stews with more gravy than we have bread to blot it with, and casseroles that put starch and substance in our […]

Another Look: Sacramental from the Beginning

Note from CM: I recently read two other perspectives that, to some extent, critique evangelicals’ attraction to — but fuzzy understanding of — sacramentalism as an answer to living in a “disenchanted” world. I encourage you to follow these links and read Jake Meador’s comments on Derek Mishmawy’s post. • • • …the mysterious character […]

Another Look: Why Do We Love This Season?

Another Look: Why Do We Love This Season? Why do we love this season? I would suggest that aesthetics have much to do with the answer to that question. The lead-up to Christmas and its celebration is made sensible to us by means of the things we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch at this […]

J. Michael Jones: Finding a Christian (metaphysical) View of Nature, Part II

Finding a Christian (metaphysical) View of Nature, Part II by J. Michael Jones The Implications of our View on the Material on our View of Nature. While Platonic Dualism found a welcoming home within the Church, the Rousseauian view of nature (I’m using nature here as a sub category under material) has completely swept western […]

J. Michael Jones: Finding a Christian (metaphysical) View of Nature, Part I

Note from CM: Today we welcome yet another “Mike” to our group of iMonk authors. J. Michael Jones. Mike blogs at J. Michael Jones, where you can also find information about his books. Here is a brief bio: J. Michael Jones lives with his wife, Denise, in Anacortes, Washington. They have five grown children. For […]