January 27, 2021

CM’s Five for the Road

OK, my friend and colleague Jeff Dunn has upped the ante. In honor of his good friend Don Mann, I can understand why. Back in September of 2010, Jeff and I did dueling “Top Five Albums” posts here on IM (links below). Being the notorious wafflers we are, at that time we had to list […]

More Favorite Christmas Movies

By Chaplain Mike Jeff, as usual, presented a good, well-defended list of Christmas movies yesterday. One of these days he’s going to make me do a “list” post first so that he can have the last word. Until then . . . Movies on Jeff’s List with which I agree completely . . . A […]

Favorite Christmas Movies

My kids wonder at times why I bother to have a color TV. “Dad, all you want to watch are black and white movies.” That is fairly accurate. And their point is what? At Christmas, I somehow find more time to sit and watch a whole movie. And I do enjoy the old ones, I […]

A Favorite Children’s Advent/Christmas Book

By Chaplain Mike My entry for a recommended Christmas book is one we read for our children when they were young. It was written by one of my favorite authors, a woman renowned in children’s literature: Madeleine L’Engle. Her award-winning book, A Wrinkle in Time, is a classic that still captures my imagination. L’Engle’s Christmas […]

And One Final List of Christmas Favorites

Yesterday, Jeff and I posted lists of some favorite Christmas albums. Music is such an important part of the Advent and Christmas season! I got into a habit early in our adult life of buying Christmas CD’s as gifts to mark my wife’s November birthday (she loves music as much as I do), and so […]

…And a Few More Christmas Favorites

By Chaplain Mike In usual fashion, the Very Right Reverend Jeff Dunn has thrown down the gauntlet by posting five of his favorite Christmas music selections. You didn’t think I would keep quiet and not respond, did you? Actually, I’m going to give you two lists. Jeff focused on folk and contemporary expressions of seasonal […]

A Few Christmas Favorites

Christmas is a season, not just a single day. Part of the fun of Christmas is celebrating the season with media we don’t usually consume the rest of the year. Books, movies, music all help to create a festive atmosphere in our homes. So I thought in this season I would share some of the […]

And . . . Five of My Favorite Albums

By Chaplain Mike Mr. Dunn has thrown down the gauntlet. Nothing sparks a good discussion more than “Top ______” lists. And for those of us who are baby boomers, there’s nothing we love discussing more than music. I recently went to reunion of friends who graduated from 8th grade together — that’s right, 8th grade. […]

My Five Favorite Albums

Note: We really are planning a discussion of Robert Capon’s Between Noon And Three. No, really we are. Still waiting responses from a couple of writers. (You do know that none of these writers get paid, right? Which makes it kind of hard for me to crack the whip on them…) So stay tuned…it’s coming. […]