September 20, 2020

“Home Is Where We Are Together”

Today we meet Dr. Robert H. Mounce and his wife, Jean. Zondervan Publishing says the following about Dr. Mounce: he is  “president emeritus of Whitworth College, is the author of a number of well-known biblical commentaries, including the volume on Revelation in the NICNT. Dr. David Hubbard, former president of Fuller Theological Seminary, refers to […]

The NT Haustafeln (House-Tables)

By Chaplain Mike We would be remiss if we did not include some consideration of Biblical teaching about family relationships during this week on Internet Monk when we are talking about them. In this post we will look at one way the apostles taught the early church to live out their faith in the home. […]

IM Book Review: Home

By Chaplain Mike And now here he is, Glory thought, haggard and probationary, with little of his youth left to him except the wry elusiveness, secretiveness, that he did in fact seem to wear on his skin. He stood propped against the counter with his arms folded and watched his father while his father pondered […]

The Empty Church

(Chaplain Mike asked for family stories this week. Here is mine.) I was born and raised (I always thought that sounded kind of funny—I thought barns and flags and hands were raised) in southwestern Ohio. Lebanon, Ohio to be exact. Some of my ancestors were among the first settlers of Lebanon and Warren County. According […]

family. unique characteristics of each.

By Chaplain Mike In our consideration of God’s common grace gift of family this week, I keep coming back to this sentence: “Bottom line, life is about how we deal with the family stuff, what we do with it, where we run from it, how we get reconciled to it.” Today, we break down “the […]

Another Look: The Family (a trilogy)

By Chaplain Mike Originally posted in April, 2010 • • • THE FAMILY (A Trilogy) I. The Younger Here I am, father, at the eleventh hour once more, Reaper’s scythe poised to harvest fruit of seeds I’ve sown. Shamefaced, knowing full well the paucity of yield, I slump low with downcast eyes, near resigned to […]

A Family Story from The Book of God

Today, a story about the family, by Walter Wangerin. • • • Soon after the destruction of Sodom, Abraham struck camp and traveled south into the Negev. Near Gerar he found new pasture for his flocks, so he stayed a while. In the fall he and his men sheared the sheep, causing a daylong bawling […]

It Always Comes Back to Family

By Chaplain Mike Last year I took a bunch of folders and manila envelopes filled with papers from my father’s efforts to do some genealogical work on our family. I’ve been wanting to pick up on it, especially with the resources available now on the internet, but I have not gotten to it yet. There […]

Mike Bell: How My Parents Broke the Mold

By Michael Bell Quick, think of a stereotypical Evangelical. What attributes come to mind? Here are some that you might have come up with. Anti-Union No Movies Lack of concern for the environment Driven by consumerism Homogeneous Complimentarian King James Version only (for some) Dispensational Young Earthers No Alcohol I used the word stereotypical, because, […]

The Third Time, It’s a Charmer

By Chaplain Mike UPDATE: We have a name. Ladies and gents, meet Veda Rae! New baby girl in the Mercer family arrived today. 5 lbs, 5 oz, all doing well. Grandpa recuperating. For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully […]