June 6, 2020

“A Hope for Some Glory Other than a Crown of Thorns”

As part of my studies, I am trying to wrap my mind around Alan E. Lewis’s fine book, Between Cross and Resurrection: A Theology of Holy Saturday. You will be hearing much more about this book in days to come as we move through the Lenten season and Holy Week. For today, I will share […]

Swim Or Float? Guess What God Wants From Us

If you have read my essays over the last year or two, you will notice a common theme running through them. I am learning to trust God. Yes, after nearly 38 years as a Christian, I am finally learning to let go of my need to understand and trust the Lord. It has been a […]

Beggar of Bread

“Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one.” —Nikolai Berdyaev Recently, a friend visited our family one evening and stayed a long time. I baked cookies during his visit and felt triumphant over that considering I’d been sick for one week and had not bought groceries in nearly […]

The Bigness Of God

Silence, it seems, is big business these days. My friend Mike leads silent retreats several times a year. He started with four guys, and now gets close to 80 wanting to go and experience something that is getting harder and harder to find in our day: Silence. I went away for a similar retreat last […]

A Most Misunderstood Parable

You gotta count the cost If you’re gonna be a believer You gotta know that the price Is the one you can afford You gotta count the cost If you’re gonna be a believer You gotta go all the way If you really love the Lord. Count The Cost, David Meece An interesting and little […]

A Paint-By-Numbers Life

Sometimes I envy those of other religions. Really, I do. There are times I want a paint-by-number religion, one with a complete set of instructions as to how I am to please the deity we are creating with our brushes. All the 8s get green paint, while the 6s are filled in with yellow. That […]

The Life God Is In

  By Chaplain Mike “…he is not far from any one of us.” (Acts 17.27, NLT) As I have talked with friends throughout this year, I’ve noted that we’ve been using a phrase regularly: “This is the life God is in.” OK, it could be better grammatically, but it’s punchy and makes a clear point. […]

Why Is Faith So Hard?

I have friends who not long ago risked all on the call of God, and lost everything. Let’s call them Seth and Emily. They clearly heard God call them to give up all they had and move to another country for a specific task. (I’m sorry I can’t be more detailed, but this is their […]

Violent Faith

We began our look at the subject of faith by asking a simple question: What if Jesus really meant it when he told his disciples things like, “Ask whatever you will in my name and it will be done for you.” What if he did not lay any other rules or requirements on them than […]

What If He Meant It?

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22 NIV). As parents of teenagers know, it’s not the purpose of the errand. It’s the opportunity to spend time with a creature who at times seems to be completely mute. Who knows if this might be the time when they actually […]