October 20, 2020

A Big Surprise, A Big Criticism, A Big Question: More Thoughts On The Place of Certainty

One of my biggest surprises this year was looking at the program for the Desiring God Ministries National Conference and seeing Dan Taylor as one of the speakers. I love Dan Taylor. His book The Myth of Certainty is in my top ten books that have been personally helpful. I’ve reviewed the book here at […]

Icebergs, Onions and Why You’re Not As Simple As You Think

“My theology is simply what I read in the Bible.” Sure it is. “What I believe and practice is simply what the Bible teaches and nothing else.” Of course. What else could be simpler? I’m sure several of you won’t be surprised at all to learn that I meet with a pastoral counselor on a […]

How I’ve Changed: Ten Ways

A friend of mine recently said, “It sure seems that you’ve gone through a lot of phases during your time as a blogger.” I’m sure it seems that way, but most of that is an illusion of the blogging life. The people around me wouldn’t have any major change in my beliefs to report since […]

Recommendation: Beyond Smells and Bells by Mark Galli

Mark Galli: Beyond Smells and Bells: The Wonder and Power of Christian Liturgy Well….just go buy this book. I know you plan on buying some other book about things you already know, but you need this book, because it’s absolutely a 512 foot home run on the subject of liturgy in worship, and you know […]

The Long Dark Night Is Over….

Baseball fans: what are some of your thoughts and feelings as the new season begins? Best memories? Ironies? Tragedies? Tomorrow at 1:05 EST, the Cincinnati Reds will take the field against the Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater, Florida. The long, dark winter of the soul will be over here in the Spencer household. My life runs […]

That’s not my wife….

It’s your Internet Monk and friend Dave, playing Presbyterians two weeks ago at First Presbyterian Church, London, Kentucky. I’ll be there again this Sunday.

The Temptation to Quit

UPDATE: I’ve written several things convincing myself to stay. Here’s one of my favorites: Thomas Merton and the Greener Grass That Wasn’t. UPDATE II: Here’s another one: When Loving You is Killing Me. I suppose every person in ministry is strongly tempted to quit from time to time. Not quit as in “send out a […]

The Ecclesiastes Attitude

It is the tradition of this web site to hear my confessions, my struggles and my emotions. “Confessional” blogging on my part has touched hundreds of readers and convinced one or two that I am unfit to be in the ministry or even a professing Christian. So be it. This is what’s set on my […]

Sharing A Special Bible: My 1973 “Bible as Literature” NASB

UPDATE:: John H at Confessing Evangelical is the first one in the pool. Jeremy Bouma at Novus Lumen joins in as well. Alan Creech comes through with a Catholic Bible. UPDATE II: Here is the exact Bible I used. (Pictures at the bottom.) I wonder if any bloggers out there would like to devote a […]

Am I Jealous?

I don’t take many opportunities to write extended descriptions of the ministry where I serve. There are several reasons for that. I don’t want to involve my ministry in any of the controversies that might be part of this blog. But I hear people talk about their churches all day long, and I have a […]