September 20, 2020

The Evangelical Liturgy 8: The Public Reading of Scripture

For beginners, read the Introduction to this series, then visit the categories menu and hit “Evangelical Liturgy” for all previous entries. In a sentence, I’m walking through all the parts of the traditional Protestant worship service and discussing the value of recovering our own liturgical tradition. In March 07, I wrote “The Strange Case of […]

The Evangelical Liturgy-Example 2: FBC Edmonton, Alberta

Another good example of Evangelical/Protestant liturgy. This from the First Baptist Church, Edmonton, Alberta. This one is a very complete example of the kind of Protestant liturgy I have in mind as we work through these components.

The Evangelical/Protestant Liturgy: Example 1

A reader has sent along an order of service from a shared worship gathering of two Protestant churches, and you can see many of the elements we are discussing. I’d love to see other orders of service from the Protestant/evangelical side illustrating all or parts of the evangelical liturgy, especially if you are a Baptist […]

Grace Lutheran Church, Tulsa OK

Like I said Lutherans (and Anglicans and Methodists and…), get with it on the missional thing please. A lot of evangelicals need you. BTW, the “Evangelical Liturgy” series in on its way back. Don’t fret.

The Evangelical Liturgy 6: The Call to Worship

“Ascribe to the Lord the glory of His name; bring an offering, and come into His courts. Worship the Lord in holy attire; Tremble before Him, all the earth. Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns; indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity.” Let […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 5: The Prelude

In most Protestant and evangelical worship services there is some kind of a transition from non-worship time to worship time. Though this is among the least essential elements of worship, this “prelude” serves a number of helpful functions. Protestants have an uneven record on treating a worship space/time as a time of focused, prayerful response […]

Links to the Evangelical Liturgy Series (so Far)

Introduction 1) The Worship Setting 2) The Tools 3) The Leaders 4) The Congregation 5) The Prelude 6. The Call To Worship Remember that there will be 23 posts in this series. There is also a “Church” category here at IM, and also a “Baptists” category.

The Evangelical Liturgy 4: The Congregation

I’ve been thinking about this post quite a bit, and for the life of me I really can’t think of much to say than some of the obvious. The evangelical worship service is the worship of the people of God. God acts, speaks invites and offers. God’s people respond in worship, service, ministry and mission. […]

The Evangelical Liturgy 3: The Leaders

Intro, 1, 2. If you are looking for a complete theology of the pastorate, sorry. I am going to talk about the relationship of leaders to the worship service itself, and a few related issues. The sermon is a separate subject. One point I am making is that ministers are not entirely preachers. Someone has […]

Michael Horton, Etc.: Resources on Reforming The Church and Its Worship

If you only read one book on worship, it should be Dr. Michael Horton’s “A Better Way.” I can’t find an audio presentation of that material, but Dr. Horton has a lot of good material on reforming worship in the local church. Reforming Worship Preaching Christ Reforming Church Music Reforming the Church Service Rethinking Baptism […]