December 2, 2020

IM Book Review: The Between Time by Damaris Zehner (David Cornwell)

Note from CM: I’m so pleased to announce that Damaris Zehner’s new book has been published! It is available on Twenty-Third Publications’ website and for pre-order on Amazon.   For our readers from New Zealand (!), there is a local source. Germans can pay with Euros here and Dutch here. We’ve asked our friend David Cornwell to review it today. Congratulations, […]

David Cornwell: Come and See

Come and See Pictures and Text by David Cornwell From the time I can remember I’ve been interested in photography one way or another. It started out, I think, by seeing my mom and dad use a camera to take family snapshots. In fact I now have an old print, taken around 1940 or so, […]

David Cornwell: I Love to Tell the Story

Note from CM: I’m thrilled to have our regular commenter and resident sage David Cornwell contributing today. Dave, with his experience, insight, and encouraging manner, adds depth to our discussions on a regular basis. He also takes amazing photographs, samples of which you can see here. Enjoy more at his Flickr page. * * * […]

How Do You Say “I Love You?”

David Cornwell is a long-time reader and commenter at InternetMonk. Many (and I do mean many) of you have written to me personally asking if David could write something longer than his comments for us. Chaplain Mike and I both agreed that David’s contributions would be most welcome here. Please join me in welcoming David […]