August 7, 2020

Another Look: Surd Evil, Serpents, and the Cosmic Battle

By Chaplain Mike Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. • Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking I had not planned on re-running this post, but I think our discussion on death before the Fall demands that we review it. A common Christian viewpoint attributes all the […]

One of the Stickiest Issues

By Chaplain Mike The interpretation of the creation narrative in Genesis 1 and the subsequent stories in Genesis 2-3 forms one of the battlegrounds in the current “creation wars.” However, the arguments go beyond Genesis. In fact, the stickiest issues grow out of the way the Apostle Paul makes use of the story of Adam […]

Another Look: Life in the King’s Garden (Bible Study on Gen 2)

By Chaplain Mike Before we dive into making comments about the “Historical Adam” controversy that the recent cover story in Christianity Today highlighted, I thought it would be good to review a couple of posts that we did last year. These are Bible studies of Genesis 2-3. I will reproduce them and update them here […]

Get Ready for the Next Battle

By Chaplain Mike “So, is the Adam and Eve question destined to become a groundbreaking science-and-Scripture dispute, a 21st-century equivalent of the once disturbing proof that the Earth orbits the sun? The potential is certainly there: the emerging science could be seen to challenge not only what Genesis records about the creation of humanity but […]

Update: Ben’s Creation Class

By Chaplain Mike NOTE: Not long ago, iMonk community member Ben S. solicited our advice about teaching a class on creation to a group of young people. He promised us a report, and here it is. You guys rock! Firstly, I’d like to say that I was overwhelmed (but not surprised) by the quantity and […]

Open Mic: Teaching about Creation

By Chaplain Mike Internet Monk reader Ben sent in the following question, asking for counsel from our IM community. Dear Chaplain Mike, On Friday, I’ve got 30 minutes to talk to a group of 11-13 year-olds about ‘creation and evolution’. They haven’t studied anything about either at school, and in the context of the church […]

The Disney-ization of Faith

By Chaplain Mike NOTE from CM: Comments on this post are closed. Please join us on current posts for further discussion. • • • Let me say it right from the beginning — I have always enjoyed Disney movies and characters. From my infancy, when mom and dad took me to Disneyland, to my childhood […]

A Conference for You!

By Chaplain Mike We don’t normally advertise conferences around here, but I came across one recently that made me think, “Now there’s a conference I’d like to sit in on.” It’s called: “Galileo Was Wrong, The Church Was Right—The First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism.” It will be held right here in the great state […]

Brueggemann on the Genre of Gen 1-11

Here is another thought-provoking quote, giving the reader of Genesis 1-11 something to consider when approaching the text. This comes from Walter Brueggemann’s fine commentary on Genesis in the Interpretation series (Genesis: Interpretation: a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching). Comment needs to be made on the matter of creation, world-beginnings and attempts to correlate […]

It Don’t Mean a Thing without that Historical Ring?

By Chaplain Mike In addition to issues of interpretation with regard to Genesis 1 and the portrayal of creation it gives, (which have been covered in detail here in previous posts—check the archives), Young Earth Creationists insist that only their literal view of the Adam and Eve story in Genesis 2-3 is consistent with an […]