December 5, 2020

Once Upon A Christian Nation

With last night’s debate still fresh in our minds, I thought we might step away from our look at church music this morning to consider this essay from Craig Bubeck.  I love my country . . . I mean, you gotta’, right? Even during its awkward cycles of uninhibited vitriol, come election time (with its […]

“But” Out Of God’s Love

“God is love.” Honestly . . . how do you react, deep down in your gut, when someone invokes that little quote from John’s first epistle? I believe most thoughtful evangelicals are like me on this, if  honest. We have a hard time trusting love, don’t we? Whenever any kind of apologetic or doctrinal debates turn […]

Our Misogynist, Genocidal God, And Other Supposed Problems With The Bible

There are some Old Testament representations that can understandably give us Christians headaches, especially when we want to represent the Bible as inspired of God, authoritative, and trustworthy. We affirm (for good reason) that God is good and loving, and yet it is hard to reason through what seems to be endorsements of cultural sins […]

Why I Just Can’t Hate Religion, Though I Love Jesus

There is an increasing sentiment, especially among younger Christians, that is not only apathetic toward organized and formally structured religion (read “church”), but is antagonistic and opposed to it. So when I came across this hugely popular You Tube video (over 15 million views and counting), I found myself ambivalent. There is a core angst […]

Welcome To This World

A video has been making the rounds on the Internet these days that begs a response. Before I make my comments, take time to watch this for yourself. [yframe url=’’]

No Stinking up God’s Place! (or, “How to Be Perfect like God”)

I’m pleased to introduce you to our newest writer, Craig Bubeck. I’ve known Craig for a decade now as a fellow editor and as a book co-writer. But most of all, Craig is my dear, dear friend. When we have gone to writers’ conferences together, we would sit up late into the night talking theology […]